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Fashion Tips for Conventioneers

Attending a political convention can be a great way to network, support your party’s nominee and recharge your energies before an election.  But with long days, multiple changes of venue and hours on your feet, packing for a convention can be difficult. I’ve spoken to many veteran convention attendees and they all agree on one thing: Prepare to wear the same outfit for 18-hours and …

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PCT: Six Beauty Must Haves

The campaign trail is murder on a girls beauty routine.  You barely sleep, the only liquid consumed is coffee, and the stress can give your skin a complex.  But never fear, there is hope for beleaguered campaign workers everywhere, these six products will help you retain your appearance (and your self-esteem).     Confessions of a Concealaholic (Benefit, $36) This kit by beauty giant Benefit, gives you everything you need to …

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PCT: Working the Phones

For most campaign volunteers, any time not spent knocking on doors is set aside for making voter calls.  And while phoning hundreds of average Americans (hopefully, not during their dinner hour) is a good way to build support, the dress code for such work is decidedly casual.  (In ’08, my volunteers wore pajamas.)  What?  It’s jeans and a sweatshirt.  I don’t care what you say, …

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Ask Belle: Campaign Sleeping Attire

Dear Belle, I’m volunteering with a team of traveling campaign staffers this cycle, and I have a strange problem.  I will be sharing sleeping space with other people, male and female people, and I have no idea what to bring to sleep in.  I usually wear mini-shorts and tanks to bed, but I don’t think that that would be appropriate in this case. Do you …