The Find: A Brush for Aging Hair

Well, it has begun.  For months, I have been waiting for it, and it is finally here — postpartum hair loss.  Clumps of hair have started falling out in the shower, and my bathroom floor looks like a salon on a busy day.  And the last thing I need is a brush that will literally tear my hair out.

This British M Flex Gentle Brush will give your scalp a break because the head flexes to prevent overstimulation.  The brush also helps your hair dry faster, while smoothing the cuticle.  And if you struggle with tangles, this brush will help eliminate the snarls.

Since I switched to this brush, I’ve lost less hair and my scalp has felt less irritated.  I bought one for a friend who also just had a baby, and she has noticed an improvement in her dandruff.

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  1. RosaL says:

    I’ve been having similar issues (in my case its a medication side effect) and recently switched to using the manta hairbrush for detangling. I’ve noticed a huge difference in hair loss. It also gives a very nice scalp massage – there are some claims on the packaging that this helps stimulate hair growth, I’m not sure how true it is but it feels amazing. The manta is a pretty weird shape and definitely not meant to be used with a blow dryer so I will be checking this one out to use for styling my hair!

    January 23, 2023/Reply
    • Clark says:

      I was losing my hair too (not post-partum) and saw a dermatologist about it and they prescribed me spirinolactone, which has stemmed a lot of the hair loss and even a bit of regrowth I believe. (You can’t get pregnant while on it, so it’s not for everyone, but may be worth a shot.)

      January 23, 2023/Reply
      • J says:

        My hair has been thinning for years…I tried it all – vitamins, supplements.

        Now I’m on spironolactone AND oral minoxidil. It has been LIFE.CHANGING.

        This may not be a solution for anyone still interested in getting pregnant or breast feeding…but something to consider for others.

        January 24, 2023/Reply
  2. JBINDC says:

    She’s 4 months I think, so that’s right on schedule (unfortunately). Hormones are wild. If you end up using any hair growth or regrowth treatments, would love a report back!

    January 23, 2023/Reply
  3. E says:

    I had a daughter a few weeks ahead of you and am experiencing dreadful hair loss as well – it’s truly shocking how much accumulates in the shower & in my brush on a daily basis. I thought I was ready for it, but sheeeesh, this is WAY more than I anticipated. Really hoping it stops soon (it’s been about 2 months of escalating shedding) because it’s terrifying. My blow dry + dyson curls routine truly takes half the time/amount of sections to curl, which made me realize my hair is taking a noticeable volume hit, ugh.

    Solidarity (unfortunately)!

    January 23, 2023/Reply
  4. SHANNON says:

    Not only did I have awful postpartum hair loss, what was left became extremely greasy. A hairdresser friend suggested I wash it with a tiny amount of Dawn dish soap, once a week. It really helped.

    The biggest helper was time. And maybe headbands as a close second.

    January 23, 2023/Reply
  5. TREE says:

    My baby is 10 months. The hair shedding started right around 4 months and lasted 2 – 3 months for me. One day you’ll take a shower and realize you’re not shedding anymore! You got this 🙂

    January 23, 2023/Reply
  6. Meg says:

    My daughter is a year and a half old and the postpartum hair loss I experienced was easily the worst part of the pregnancy/birth/post-partum process for me. (And I had to have an emergency c-section!) But– the hair that is coming in is INCREDIBLE. So thick and curly, I can’t wait until it’s all grown in. While it doesn’t make it any better while you’re going through it, I want to stand up and remind everyone that “it’s just a phase” and it will get better. Promise!

    January 24, 2023/Reply