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Gift Guide: <$25 Stocking Stuffers

There’s no way around it: occasionally you have to give your partner socks for Christmas, or buy your Dad a gift card, or get your Mom a robe.  For whatever reason, sometimes those stellar gift ideas just won’t fit.  This, however, creates an opportunity to restore a bit of holiday cheer with a great stocking stuffer.  Here are a few ideas in the under-$25 range.

Ah, the Last F**k.  A precious commodity indeed.  This gag gift is perfect for the friend, relative or colleague who you know just can’t take anymore.  I am also partial to this pricier candle from my friend Alex’s Etsy shop.

Blue light glasses, like this stylish pair from Cyxus, are a nice addition to any stocking.  (They’re also one of my favorite co-worker gifts.)  This clear, square-frame pair looks good on everybody.

What are these tiny, knitted items, you ask?  These are Banana Hats.  Place this knitted cap over the stem of your banana bunch to help your bananas stay fresher, longer.  They actually work, and they’re kind of cute.

If you have a frequent flier in your family, a personalized luggage tag is a great gift.  No more trying to figure out which black suitcase is yours at the airport.  You can also tag a gym bag, a kid’s backpack, or a diaper bag.  The seller has different styles and colors, including Astrology tags for the teenage girl who hates everything you buy her.

If you have a jogger in your family, this baseball cap with a built in light might be the gift you need.  This hat allows you you to “see and be seen” while outdoors at night.  Another great gift for athletic friends and relatives, these sneaker balls, which deodorize gym shoes to keep your car, locker, or closet from smelling like something died in there.

I put this crystal nail file up last year, and I’m putting it up again this year, because it is awesome.  I am still amazed by how quickly it files my nails, and how smooth they are.  It’s a good thing.  Need a gender neutral one?  Skip the hot pink with this OPI nail.

There are few gifts that are near universal in appeal.  At the holidays, these soft peppermints are one of those gifts.  Drop a few in everyone’s stocking to give them a literal taste of Christmas.

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