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Detail Oriented: Pin On a Brooch

Sometimes you don’t need a whole new outfit, you just need a new way to style pieces you have.  Welcome to Detail Oriented, posts that focus on how to refresh your wardrobe with accessories and outfit ideas.  And for our first post, we’re talking about a unique way to pin on a little style.

The Style // Need to spruce up a basic sweater from your closet?  Pinning some brooches to the neckline or shoulder can give it a boost.  Got a cardigan?  Clip the front together with a big brooch.  Maybe a designer one?  Or try this flower stick pin.

You can also pin it to your sleeve on the cuff of your button up.  This large flower with an abalone-like center and this bee brooch both get the job done.  Or go simple and pin this Baroque-style brooch or this crystal brooch with green accents to the neck of your turtleneck.

The Sweater // If you had told me that I would be buying a green mohair sweater for Christmas this year, I’d have said you were crazy.  But there she is in all her glory.  It’s just such a chic alternative to cable knit if you’re looking for something different.

Looking for other mohair colors?  This black and white sweater is cool and modern.  This easy stripe is also a lot of fun.  H&M has a bright pink option.  Plus-size? Nordstrom has a splurge-y mustard cardigan.

If you don’t like will or are allergic, try an eyelash sweater in a cotton or blend.  I like this Vince sweater in seafoam and this affordable turtleneck option.

The Shirt // J.Crew has great button-ups right now.  This one is a slim-fit in classic style.  Everything at J.Crew is still 50% off with code CYBER.  So this is a great time to stock up on basics for work.

The Pins // These were not easy to find.  The items in the photo are actually decorative clips, not pins.  But that was just so I could get the collage right.  (Blogger problems, amirite?)

For actual pins in various colors and sizes — try this lot of vintage bug-themed pins or assorted tropical vintage pins.  You can also look for something simpler with this star pin set from Swarovski or this $6 set of faux pearl pins.

With the shoulder pins, try a more haphazard spread.  The look in the photo works because they’re not all clustered together and there are no straight lines.  It may take a few tries to execute this flawlessly.

The Lipstick // This look is made more chic for the hint of offsetting coral lipstick.  It really plays up the green in the sweater.  With a yellow sweater, try a true red lip.  With a purple sweater, get your berry lip on.  With light pink, try a brighter pink.

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  1. HH says:

    What a fun idea for a series of posts! Looking forward to what you’ll do with this, Abra.

    And giving lip color suggestions for various colored sweaters is *chef’s kiss* Thanks!

    November 30, 2022/Reply
  2. SARA says:

    Love the theme of these posts! I have plenty of basics, looking how to punch them up.

    December 1, 2022/Reply