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Five Useful Secret Santa Gifts <$25

Secret Santa gifts can be a challenge to get right.  The first step is to determine which Secret Santa gift-giver you are: Do you like funny gifts?  Useful gifts?  Cool gifts?  Personally, I am a giver of useful gifts.  Here are five picks that suit my fancy.

Meet the Snowflake Multi Tool.  It is the solution for all projects that require an Allen wrench.  It makes assembling anything a breeze.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the video.  (It also opens a beer bottle and your Amazon boxes.)

This Jacobsen’s Salt Co Black Garlic Salt goes on almost everything my husband eats.  It livens up even the most boring proteins and vegetables with just a sprinkle.  They also have a flavor sampler pack if you feel like splurging a bit.

These Avocado Huggers keep those expensive Hass beauties fresher longer.  You can also buy food huggers for other fruits and vegetables to keep your peppers, cucumbers, and other salad fixing fresh without plastic bags.

This flat Sleek Socket cord converter is awesome.  No more having to move furniture away from the wall to accommodate cords.  It’s a great item.

This is a tiny IGOTOKI vacuum cleaner meant to clean desktops, counters, etc.  You think you don’t need it, until you watch it vacuum up coffee grounds, crumbs, and other debris in a snap.  It’s one of those things that you didn’t know you always needed.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I didn’t know it but I needed two of these myself, great ideas!

    November 29, 2022/Reply
  2. Alexis says:

    I always check in with you around the holidays. Your gift suggestions are fantastic. Thank you for doing all the hard work so I can seem thoughtful and clever to my friends and family!

    November 29, 2022/Reply
    • KC says:

      Ditto! I owe so many of my best gifts to your picks. I’ve even had family members request a restock of your items (heading to Spiceology now)!

      November 29, 2022/Reply
  3. MKal says:

    I got a mini crumb vacuum as part of a work swag bag and will agree that it is 100% amazing. I don’t know if it’s this exact brand but it definitely helps keep my desk cleaner.

    December 2, 2022/Reply
  4. Jenn says:

    Love these ideas! Also wondering, does Kyle have a gift guide this year?

    December 5, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      If you need a particular gift, please leave it below. Kyle is taking requests.

      December 6, 2022/Reply
      • KV says:

        I know this is boring but can you throw out some good ties that are not blue?

        December 8, 2022/Reply