The Range: The Pajama Game

For most of my life, I wore boy shorts and t-shirts to bed. After all, I slept alone, so who cared what I slept in?  Then, I met my close friend Theresa who was appalled that a grown woman didn’t wear “real” pajamas. Theresa insisted that there was no better feeling than putting on a pair of pjs at the end of the day, and implored me to buy a pair.

So I did. And you know what?  Theresa (like usual) was right.  There is no better feeling than a cozy pair of pajamas at the end of a hard day.  Here are a few pair that fit the bill.

Nordstrom’s Eco Pajamas are one of my favorite pairs. It’s a classic pajama in the softest jersey fabric ever.  When I was pregnant, I actually bought larger sizes of these pajamas, because I couldn’t bear to be without them.

You can buy them in a selection of bold prints or their more traditional prints and solids.  They also come in plus-sizes.  To add to my collection, I pick up these poinsettia-print pajamas for Christmas.

These Moonlight Crop Pajamas have a great, loungewear-like style.  The fabric is so soft.  They also come in a wide leg style.

Plus, if your baby was up all night fussing her way through a developmental leap, you can add a blazer and wear them to a 7:00AM Zoom call.  Not that I or anyone I know would ever do that.

Washable silks have been the big trend in sleepwear ever since Lunya came on the scene some years ago.  Now, Nordstrom has created their own line of washable silk pajamas in several styles and colors.  I love the t-shirt pajamas with shorts in the shimmering golden, tan. They would make a great gift, even if that gift is for yourself.  They also come in plus-sizes.

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  1. Aam1 says:

    Love an pj set!! Any warm suggestions?

    October 20, 2022/Reply
    • e says:

      Old Navy makes cozy thermal sets.

      October 20, 2022/Reply
  2. Annie Q says:

    I love my T-shirts and boy shorts!

    October 20, 2022/Reply
  3. RR says:

    I also highly recommend Cozy Earth pajamas. The style is similar to the Eco ones, but they are the softest, lovliest fabric that only gets better with washing. A bit spendy, but they hold up extremely well.

    October 20, 2022/Reply
  4. Laura says:

    As someone who likes really boring, androgynous daytime clothes and really loud, feminine and colorful pajamas, I adore Johnny Was

    October 20, 2022/Reply