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The Range: An Affordable 10 Piece Capsule Collection

There’s a lot of pressure to “bounce back” after pregnancy.  Well, I have discovered the secret to getting back into your misses-size wardrobe quickly.  Buying a new wardrobe.  A capsule wardrobe that is.

Capsule wardrobes were all the rage a couple of years ago, but most people, myself included, do not have the discipline to rewear the same clothes over-and-over again.  But for the post-pregnancy recalibration period — where maybe you lose the weight, and maybe you decide not to — a capsule wardrobe is the perfect way to welcome the changing seasons.

So here are 10 pieces, all of which cost under-$100, to get you through it.  I chose navy as the base color because I’m just not ready to wear all black.  But winter is coming, so I will be.

Mango Fitted Blazer (also in plus)

Belted Trousers (also in plus)

Old Navy Water-Resistant Trench Coat (also in plus)

Dobby Button Up Shirt

BR Button Placket Blouse

Max Studio Printed Blouse

BR Mitico Turtleneck Sweater

Universal Thread Open Front Cardi

Choose a cardigan in a fall hue like rust, goldenrod, olive, twig, etc.  Madewell has several that will work.

Wit & Wisdom Absolution Jeans (also in petite)

30% Off My Favorite Side Zip Trouser Pants (also in petite, 00-18)

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  1. Aam1 says:

    I’ve ended up in an unintentional capsule wardrobe during postpartum, as well. I’ve got 4 or so easy shirts to nurse in; 3 pairs of shorts that are easy on a C-section incision and softer tummy; my favorite maternity jeans; and two dresses. They also all coordinate with the stroller, solly wrap, and ergobaby (LOL).

    September 14, 2022/Reply
  2. Kristen says:

    This is really smart. It took me a year to get comfortably back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (and some still don’t fit bc my body changed. C’est la vie.) Having a few less-expensive things that FIT and made me feel good were key to helping me feel good about where I was vs. discouraged bc I wasn’t already back in my pre-pregnancy jeans.

    September 14, 2022/Reply
  3. Beth says:

    Just bought the trenchcoat, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    September 14, 2022/Reply
  4. e says:

    I love this idea and the pieces! And for that green open-front cardigan – I lived in something like that at home for the first month or so I was postpartum. That + leggings / sweatpants and a sports-style bra I could easily pump or nurse in made me feel half put together. Great utility piece.

    September 14, 2022/Reply
  5. orla says:

    Squee!!! I LOVE this! Can you do more of these? I’m looking for a business casual capsule, but I love the pieces in this SO MUCH. They coordinate so well!

    September 15, 2022/Reply
  6. SteF says:

    Love this. Thank you so much. Capsule wardrobe is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m fully remote but still need to be out and about looking decent a few times a month. So, it’s not enough to build my wardrobe around work clothes but I still need a few options to look presentable. Hope you are feeling well and that Sloan is doing well!!

    September 15, 2022/Reply