Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 334

No man is above the law, no woman is below it. // Joanna Coles 

+ Declutter your brain: Meet the Needle List.

+ This pull-on ponte pencil skirt for <$20 is a steal.

+ What it looks like as millennials hit 40. (I prefer to think of myself as a perennial.)

+ 25% Off Tops at AT: I love this sleeveless basic and this pretty button-front.

+ Tips for avoiding “likability traps” at work.

+ Try these linen paper bag-waist shorts for the summer heat.

+ How do I survive early sobriety?

+ Dress sale at Bloomingdale’s, everything is $69, even this LBD stunner.

+ What to do if you’ve been ghosted and need to recover.

+ This cleansing balm gets all the makeup off.

+ Advice for pivoting a career or business during uncertain times.

+ This Ripe Maternity summer dress is on repeat right now.

+ On falling back in love with reading books.

+ Summersalt has new swim for August trips. Love this bright print!

+ This low-carb take on an egg salad sandwich sounds amazing.

+ These onyx and chalcedony hoop earrings are sublime.

+ Navigating peer relationships can be tricky while climbing the ladder.

+ 20% off cool beauty at Anthropologie. Great shopping. I bought the Lovbod Hand Mask.

Interesting Read. If investing money in the stock market makes you anxious, read this.

August is coming. (Cue the Game of Thrones Music) It’s time to schedule downtime. Every part of you will be grateful. via @girlboss

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  1. Jessica says:

    Re the Interesting Read and investing money – if you want to learn more about investing for retirement, I highly recommend reading William Bernstein’s ‘If You Can.’

    You can get it free on Amazon (for kindle) or you can find a free PDF version online.

    It’s a VERY short starter retirement finance booklet (16 pages total) that will give you a roadmap on how to educate yourself.

    I found it years ago referenced in a NYTimes article – and it changed my life. Really.

    July 28, 2022/Reply
    • Sally says:

      I agree! There is no substitute for educating yourself about personal finance and reading Bernstein’s list of books will make you a well-educated investor who is much better equipped to deal with the ups and downs in the markets and far less likely to be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous financial “advisor.”

      August 2, 2022/Reply