Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 325

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. // Amelia Earhart

+ Tips for mastering the art of small talk.

+ This collarless blazer looks like a jacket, wears like a cardigan.

+ The Myth of Mom Hair (or why Mom’s don’t have to chop their locks).

+ Speaking of hair, K18 Leave In and Hot Toddy are saving mine from heat damage.

+ Anyone else lose their ambition post-pandemic?

+ Meet the inexpensive alternative to the Vuori jogger pant.

+ How to make your bikini wax less painful.

+ BBQ Outfit. Peplum Top + 6″ Inseam Shorts + Denim Jacket + Sandals

+ Everygirl has tips for staying productive at work when it’s nice outside.

+ AT giving all the lemon print: the dress, the t-shirt, the cardigan.

+ It’s possible to over-complicate your skincare routine.

+ The best oil-free moisturizer for summer. Don’t miss the cleansing balm.

+ A Skeptic’s Guide to Practical Manifesting.

+ These Roller Rabbit PJs are too cute. I love this simple jersey set too.

+ What about a Fresh Strawberry Sheet Cake for BBQs?

One Important Thing. “I gave Instagram photos of my baby. It gave me fear in return.”  Also, Jo Piazza’s podcast has been talking about this for a year.

Want to eat a snack packed with veggies?  A snack that feels healthy?  A snack that you can bring to parties and rake in the complements?

Cucumber salsa is that snack.  Cucumber, peppers, onions, and whatever vegetables you need out of your fridge can be added to this easy dish from Kate at the Small Things Blog.

Hate chopping?  Me too.  So much.  This vegetable chopper from Amazon makes getting the perfect dice or mince child’s play.  It might even entice me to cook more.

Yeah, who am I kidding?  I’m not cooking more; that’s my husband’s task.  But at least I can make salsa with ease.

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  1. Allison says:

    The mom hair article seems to have been written by someone who has never had really short hair. My own mom hair experience was the exact opposite: I loved the pixie cut I had in my 20’s, but hair that short must be washed and trimmed often, there is no equivalent of a ponytail or messy bun, and every morning begins with the kind of bedhead that no one who doesn’t truly love you should ever see. So when my second child was born, I let it grow past my shoulders and kept it that way until youngest was 9 and I was once again ready to commit to a pixie. Same phenomenon, opposite particulars.

    May 24, 2022/Reply
    • Kate says:

      Totally agree. I have 3 small kids and don’t have time to get a salon often enough for a pixie, so my hair is longer than it’s ever been. Maybe when they get older I’ll go back to it, because I miss it.

      May 24, 2022/Reply
    • E says:

      Concur. I keep long hair because I can braid it or put it up in a bun wet and be out the door to work super fast (a working mom requirement). When my hair is short it has to be blown out every single day to be passable.

      May 24, 2022/Reply
    • Shannon says:

      I am one of those people who find long hair easier than short hair. I always had short hair as a kid because my mom thought it was easier, but in college, when I first grew it out, I discovered she was wrong. During the pandemic I wasn’t getting it cut at all, so now I’m middle-aged and have the longest hair I ever had. I think women should pick hairstyles that work for their hair type and lifestyle, not their age.

      May 25, 2022/Reply
  2. Aam says:

    The choice about putting your child’s photo on social media is so fraught. I wonder how people think about it. (Expectant mom here)

    May 24, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      You will likely never see my child’s face on the Internet. It’s too slippery of a slope.

      May 24, 2022/Reply