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Saw It On Social: K18 Leave-In Hair Treatment

Sometimes, I run into a product on social media and then, I can’t escape it.  It’s like it’s chasing me.  The K18 Leave-In Treatment was such a product.  One day I saw it in an Instagram Story, and the next day, it was like no one had anything else to talk about.

According to their website, K18 products penetrate deep into the hair follicle using their patented molecular technology.  The brand claims that their specially derived peptides repair your hairs keratin bonds.  So unlike most conditioners that just smooth and soften the exterior, K18 claims their products actually repair and reverse damage from the inside out.  ‘

K18 makes some serious claims that the products heal even the most damaged hair restoring strength and elasticity.  They’re specifically encouraging that women who have changed colors (brown to blonde, or back) recently can use the product to prevent severe damage, or heal past damage.

Amazingly, I resisted the temptation to purchase the K18 leave-in repair mask from one of the hundreds of influencers pushing it like an illicit drug last summer.  After all, influencers would remark on the life-altering benefits of bathing in motor oil if Valvoline met their rates.  But when I saw it on the shelf at my stylist’s salon, I had to ask if it was as good as claimed.

Without hesitation, she told me the product was amazing at repairing heat damage and split ends.  And given that this is the woman I trust with my hair — the most important relationship in my life (sorry, not sorry, Kyle) — that was all I needed to hear to convince me to buy a bottle.

The K18 Leave-In Treatment comes in full and mini size.  The price is a little steep.  $29 for the mini size, which contains 10-15 treatments.  (Each treatment is 1 to 1.5 pumps.)  Used once per week, a mini-bottle should last a couple of months.  Now, let’s talk about results.

Having fine hair, my first concern was that a leave-in product would weigh it down and make it flat.  This concern was unfounded.  Further, after just two treatments, there was visible improvement in my split ends and flyaways.  After three, there was a bounce that felt like I was 27 again.  Bottom line, the product smoothed and repaired my dry-damaged, color-treated hair.  I immediately bought the larger bottle.  I’m not taking any chances.

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  1. RR says:

    Intriguing. Belle, are you (or are any other readers) able to comment on how it compares to Olaplex No. 3?

    March 16, 2022/Reply
    • Belle says:

      It’s better. The effect of the Olaplex lasts 2-3 days when I use it. After the second use, the effect of the K18 lasts almost all week.

      March 16, 2022/Reply
      • RR says:

        Awesome. Thanks!

        March 17, 2022/Reply
  2. Amanda says:

    It’s so good isn’t it! I’m amazed at how it’s helped my hair. Fab recommendation

    March 17, 2022/Reply