Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 302

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. // William Morris
— Clearly written by a man who died prior to the invention of the telephone, the Internet, the app, and the fitness tracker.

+ How long should you stay in a job?

+ Black work flats with a little something extra.

+ Being single and living alone is incredibly expensive.

+ These puff sleeve and double v-neck sweater dresses are holiday ready.

+ A guide to writing a great LinkedIn headline.

+ I have a new favorite writing pen.

+ This newsletter features a new 30-minute recipe every day.

+ WFH Outfit. Cowl-neck sweater + Side-zip pants + Slippers

+ Advice for finding career potential in your 40s, 50s, and beyond.

+ Love my Fitbit Luxe with the bracelet band; so much lighter than  Apple Watch.

+ Can’t change the world? Try changing your feelings.

+ Plus-size? This bright dress and off-the-shoulder dress are perfect for parties.

+ Flight attendants share their best skincare tips for wearing masks.

+ This lipstick and balm collection and gloss set are awesome.

+ How to decided if freezing your eggs is right for you.

+ Nordstrom Rack has coats on sale.  I love this teal one.

+ What you learn in Santa School.

+ This is such a pretty Christmas Tree ornament.

A Good Watch. This video is guaranteed to brighten your day.

I have failed you. And I feel terrible about it.  Actually, terrible.

I bought these Ann Taylor Side Zip Straight Pants in black months ago, hung them in my closet and forgot about them.  Then, last week, I took them out of the closet (because my go-to AT pants are at the cleaner), and realized how utterly incredible they are.

For an entire 12-hour work day, these pants were comfortable.  I sat.  I walked.  I climbed stairs.  I squatted to set up computer cables, and climbed under desks.  All of it without even a pinch.

These pants are like the yoga pants we wore in college.  Soft, comfortable, easy — plus, they look so good.  Luckily, they’re still available in grey and tan, so I only failed you a bit.  Hopefully, they bring back black.

Remember my beloved Athleta Skylines…I can’t believe I’m about to say this…I like these better.  Please don’t tell.

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  1. Amanda says:

    These are also my new favorite pens! Were you also influenced by TIBAL, Abra?!?

    December 7, 2021/Reply
    • Cait says:

      Just ordered these pens as the finishing touch on a stationary-themed Christmas gift! Thanks for the great timing on this recommendation, Abra!

      December 7, 2021/Reply
  2. Allison says:

    Whoa. That opening quote is good. I have been really struggling with the monotony of daily life, and trying to be grateful for what I have. I like the re-framing of aiming to take genuine interest in every day.

    December 7, 2021/Reply
    • Mary G. says:

      Highly recommend books by William Morris – he was a genius, artist and a renaissance man.

      December 7, 2021/Reply
  3. Sarah says:

    I bought those pants in the black and brown houndstooth a while back and super loved them. They are wonderful pants. Then I tried the sage green and the fit felt different! But the houndstooth ones are still the best pants I own.

    December 7, 2021/Reply
  4. Crystal says:

    One ‘existing single’ issue I think is particularly important is how it affects your long-term housing options. Even if I made double my current salary, I would not feel comfortable with a twice-as-expensive home mortgage. When you’re partnered (in a healthy relationship), you have one or more human beings you can rely on in case you are unable to work long-term due to an employment gap/problem, healthcare issues, elder care issues, maternity complications (like months of ordered bedrest!), etc. Most of my friends are college graduates with about 15-20 years of experience or additional education, and most have had some kind of emergency like this that could have threatened their abilities to pay their mortgages if not for having a partner who could, for a time, function as the sole breadwinner. When you live alone, you have *no one* to rely on in those situations unless you can rely on your parents. So not only does that potentially create higher levels of anxiety/risk, but it further depreciates the equity you might have otherwise been able to build with the same total income.

    December 8, 2021/Reply