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Kyle’s Gift Guide, Here We Go Again

Kyle intended to post this gift guide a few weeks ago, but I never got around to it.  Given that his marquee gift sold out in the interim, I am probably sleeping on the couch this week.

What can I say?  The man takes his gift guide seriously.

This very detailed replica of the McAllister House from Home Alone was Kyle’s number-one gift this year.  Sadly, it sold out in three days.

He would like it noted that he chose it ahead of all the other magazine editors who sold it out so quickly.  He blames me entirely for the fact that you cannot share this 2,955 piece joy with your loved ones.  He considered it the perfect opportunity to relive the joy of Christmas mornings past when you spent most of the day putting together “the toy” that everyone else is jealous of.

Now, onto the rest of his guide.

Know a golfer, or just need a gift for a Santa Swap?  This Pins and Aces tube cooler holds six cans of your favorite beverage.  It slides easily into your standard golf bag so you can avoid the $6 beers from the cart girl.  For <$25, you can look cool  and in the know to the golfer in your life.

Listen, we all need to admit something.  Some of you aren’t ready, but it needs to be said.  We’re going to working in public with other people, and your work clothes were already in need of an update.  Tack two more years on, and it’s really time to spruce things up. Here are couple things that will make the transition back more tolerable.

Jeans. Love these ones from 7 for All Mankind, love the color, work well with browns, blues, and boots.  They’re only 91% cotton so they’re comfortable.

Need something that will go well with jeans on the weekend? These are the ones for you.

Sweaters.  The quarter-zip – staple piece for any dude who lives in a place where it gets below 40-degrees.  He probably needs a new one…trust me, he’s likely had that one years and it’s starting to pill.  Also don’t be afraid of some color, something other than blue.  This cashmere one from Nordstrom is a good start, and it comes in at under-$150.

This sweater blazer is worth a look if you want something different, but not too different.  This Fair Isle sweater from J.Crew is a good choice.  Either will let you out dress your brother in-law.

Boots. These Magnanni Chelsea Boots are all style and purpose.  For a classic wingtip, these Allen Edmonds are always appropriate.

Golf Shirts. Bad Birdie is the new source for cool golf clothing.  The material is good and you won’t be wearing the same polo as every guy in the clubhouse.  This print is loud, but there are lots of choices.  For something less loud, this Travis Mathew polo is the way to go.

Outerwear. Splurges. First, it was Patagucci.  Then, it was Canada Goose.  Now, to make them both jealous, I give you the Moncler Daniel Jacket.  For something off the beaten path, I love this camouflage Canada Goose.

Other Apparel Gifts. Need a bag?  This Tumi backpack is the best thing I ever bought myself.

On the topic of sunglasses, I’ve wrecked/lost a number of pairs in my life.  The only one I still think about is a pair of Oliver People Strummers (think Brad Pitt in Ocean’s 11).  This tortoise pair from OP might salve that wound.  These Tom Fords in black are also super clean…and pure cool.

Looking for a cool hat?  Carhartt is so last year.  This hat is where it’s at, or go for it in bright blue.

Tech Gifts. If your loved one has an iPhone 12 or 13, this battery pack is a lifesaver. No more running out of juice while filming your nephews opening presents.  Or, for the recipient who loses his keys or his phone all the time, this Apple Tag will let him keep track of them.  It’s also good for finding luggage on trips if the airline loses it.

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  1. sara says:

    Yay for Kyle’s guide! Thanks for not including a theragun or whiskey rocks on here. 🙂

    December 6, 2021/Reply
    • E says:

      Agreed, although we recently got a theragun to help with recovery from some injuries at our physical therapist’s advice, and it has been amazing, including on all my sore from sitting at a desk job all day muscles (obv. not their intended audience).

      December 6, 2021/Reply