Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 287

Not all situations are appropriate for truthseeking, nor are all people interested in the pursuit. // Annie Duke, from her book Thinking in Bets

+ Even a ‘dream job’ is still a job.

+ This <$200 winter coat is ladylike awesomeness.

+ Women need paid time off after pregnancy loss.

+ A $25 one-two punch: Eye Cream + Under-Eye Concealer

+ Strawberry Cake Mix Brownies. I’m listening.

+ Need a great sweater under-$100? For a classic. For some zazz.

+ 13 signs it’s time to consider therapy.

+ Just did a restock on my Knix ‘period underwear.’ Total game-changer.

+ Tips for dealing with a micromanaging boss.

+ This green quilted coat and turtleneck sweater are perfect for fall photos.

+ The past, present, and future of body image in America.

+ One Stop Outfit: Long blazer + square-neck bodysuit + faux-leather leggings.

+ MLMs may not be able to get away with their shady practices much longer.

+ The best, gentle makeup removing wipes (also a Black-owned brand).

+ How to counteract the damage caused by sitting all day.

+ Need matching pajamas for the holidays? Old Navy has some cute, affordable ones.

Long Read.  The Murders Down the Hall.  It was a quiet building, until residents started dying in brutal, mysterious ways.

Happened to me twice this week.  Then, a young politico said her Grandma turned her onto a new-to-her show called Saved by the Bell and we almost had a hostage situation.  Getting older is bonkers.

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  1. Michelle Wei says:

    I love that J. Crew long green quilted jacket, but I’m curious if people get coats like that tailored or just live with it being oversized.

    According to their size chart I’m a small for the bust/top area and a large for the hips.

    October 26, 2021/Reply
    • Brandi says:

      I wouldn’t get it tailored. I find having a little extra space in the bust in a coat like that allows me to layer better. But I am also both busty and hippy, with a smaller waist, which can lead to other sizing issues.

      October 27, 2021/Reply
  2. Sara says:

    I own some short-sleeved versions of that square-neck bodysuit and they hold up well! Purchasing the square-neck next.

    October 27, 2021/Reply
  3. Anna says:

    What shoes would you wear with the one stop outfit?

    October 27, 2021/Reply