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Saw It On Social: Nuuly, Clothing Rental from Anthropologie

Sometimes, you see a social media ad so frequently, that it almost feels like harassment.  Open Instagram, there it is.  Open Pinterest, there it is.  Turn over to Facebook, bam, there it is again.  Next thing you know, you’re ordering the product, and your brain is so saturated by the ad, you think it was your idea.

That’s how it was with Nuuly.

Nuuly is a clothing subscription service from the parent company behind Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People.  For $88 per month, you receive six items that you can wear and return.  You choose the six pieces from Nuuly’s 5,000+ item closet, and if you find more than six, you can find a few more for $10 more per item.  And if you like something, you can purchase it at the end of the one-month rental period.

I decided to try Nuuly because I want to get through this post-pandemic transition period without buying a ton of new clothes.  And since I’m trying to lose some weight, it made sense to rent instead of buy.

I’ve tried a few clothing rental services, most notably Rent the Runway.  Nuuly was a better experience, but that doesn’t mean it was a perfect one.  So let’s hit the pros and cons.

Pro. A wide selection of wearable, everyday clothing as well as special occasion options.  And they have plus-sizes and petites in many items, so it’s a more inclusive experience.

Con. The most popular items aren’t always available.  So that makes it tough to get the styles you want when you want them.  But on the plus-side, you can sort by what is available in your size now so you’re not left with rental FOMO.

Pro. Shipping was quick and reliable.  One of my biggest complaints about RTR was that my order was late or lost more often than not.  But with Nuuly, the order processed quickly and shipped to my door within a couple of days, even though I don’t live in a major urban area.

Pro. The price is right.  For the price of a new dress, I can rent six pieces of seasonal clothing.  And even if all six don’t work out, it’s still a good deal.

Con. The first box was a massive fail. Because Nuuly stocks multiple brands, it is impossible to know which size you need in all of them.  The generic size guide was not helpful.  Reading the reviews from other renters did help, but some styles are so specific to certain body types, it can be tough to discern what will work and what won’t.

My second box was an improvement because I stuck to brands I’d worn before, read the reviews thoroughly, and sized down when in doubt.  The first box resulted in several cute pieces, but nothing I was dying to wear.  The second resulted in two pieces I wore a few times, one piece I wore once, and one piece I bought.  So four out of six ain’t bad.

Con. As soon as you’re all signed up, unsubscribe from the promotional e-mails.  I don’t need to hear from my husband every day, I definitely don’t need to hear from a random clothing subscription service every 24-hours.

Pro. The way the items are sent to you and the ease of returning them was a massive pro.  The items arrived rolled, not folded, to resist wrinkles.  They come in a soft sided box, so it tucks away easily in your closet.  And when it’s time to return, your return label and everything you need is already provided.  Just put on the label, zip it up, and drop it off at UPS.

Bottom Line. I just re-ordered from Nuuly because I like the selection of styles.  I don’t need a special occasion to wear the clothes, just a cocktail date with my husband or a lunch with a friend.  I also liked how easy it was to rent from them, but I do wish their must-have items had a bit more available stock.

Nuuly accomplished exactly the goal I hoped for, it gave me a few new pieces to wear at a good price.  It stopped me from buying new clothes just because I felt the urge.  And if I get bored of it, I can pause or cancel the subscription fairly easily (unlike RTR who I had to contact innumerable times to get my subscription cancelled).  So if you’re looking for a bridge from your pandemic wardrobe to your post-pandemic wardrobe, give Nuuly a try.

Like all Saw It On Social posts, I purchased Nuuly with my own money.  No sponsorships or gifts were solicited or accepted.  If you subscribe through my affiliate link, I may earn a small commission.



  1. Kiko says:

    Hi Abra. These reviews are so helpful. Do you mind sharing what the price/discount is like for purchasing items after you rent them? This subscription service actually looks fashion-forward but wearable. I am especially interested in subscription services right now as I am between sizes and need some items to get me through maternitywear/back-to-work. I have some maternity staples but would love some fun pieces that aren’t necessarily long-term keepers.

    June 8, 2021/Reply
    • Belle says:

      The discount on the dress I bought was only 20% because it was new. I don’t know what it would be on other items.

      June 9, 2021/Reply
      • k says:

        I agree, the discounts do seem to vary by item. I’ve found that some of the items are closer to 50% discount. I kept a pair of pants that were not brand new, a typical Anthropologie house brand, and they were about 50% off the retail price.

        June 9, 2021/Reply
      • kiko says:


        June 9, 2021/Reply