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Saw It On Social: Asarai Red Clay Mask

As you know, I have acne.  And enlarged pores.  And dark spots.  And uneven texture.  And fine lines.  My skin is basically a myriad of concerns.  So social media often suggests ‘miracle’ products that are guaranteed to heal, minimize, and improve all of my skin woes.

The latest of Instagram’s suggestions is the Asarai Red Clay Mask.  The Instagram videos and TikTok reviews would make you think this product could turn lead into gold, but is it really that good?

Asarai describes their mask as a “therapeutic Australian Red Clay face mask.”  The brand promises that it can detoxify and smooth skin, brighten the complexion, and unclog and tighten pores.  It also promises these incredible skin benefits from a cruelty-free, toxin-free, “uber natural,” organic, and fragrance-free product.

Obviously, this was like catnip to me given my individual skincare concerns.  My debit card essentially flew out of my pocket into my lap.

But did this mask live up to the hype?  The incredibly prevalent hype.

First, the fragrance-free claims are correct.  So often, I buy a product that says fragrance-free and there is a distinctive odor instead.  This mask has virtually no smell.  It smells just lightly of wet dirt.

Second, the mask isn’t drying like so many detoxifying and brightening masks can be.  My skin does not feel rough or parched when it is removed.  So if you have a problem finding a mask that isn’t going to leave your skin dry, this is it.

Third, while the mask does much of what it advertises, it isn’t as hype worthy as the ads, posts, and articles claim.  It works well.  It brightens, smooths, and will help beat a breakout into submission, but it isn’t a must buy.  It is a less-drying, pricier, less laborious replacement for the Aztec Secret Mask.

Finally, the mask, no matter how well you wash, wipe, and rinse, leaves a pink residue.  I discovered this residue by toning my face after using the mask.  The cotton round was completely pink by the time I was done.  So I echo some of the reviews that found it was tough to remove.

Bottom Line. If you’re looking for an all-natural mask that treats breakouts, smooths, and brightens, this is a good option.  It doesn’t take much to cover your whole face, so I imagine it will last for a while.  And it’s not drying so you aren’t swinging the double-edged sword of over-drying oily skin and causing new breakouts while trying to heal others.

This mask lives up to its claims, and does a good job.  But it could never live up to the hype created by its marketing product, so even doing a good job feels unsatisfying.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I agree. Does what it claims, but it is not a miracle worker for me at 54. My skin is brighter and smooth/soft, but it seems to be more for younger women with bad skin. I am older with nice skin. I do experience a dry feeling that prompts me to use serums and moisturizer immediately after removal.

    June 11, 2021/Reply