State of the Blog: A Note About the Holidays

The past two weeks have been a total whirlwind.  We’re moving in January.  I started my new job, which makes three at once.  A case I’m working on is being removed to federal court, which is a headache.  And I picked up a sinus infection while still recovering from COVID.

Basically, posting has been light, and it’s not ideal, but I don’t have the ability to stay up until 3:00AM right now finishing them.

I finish some legal work today, and political work should be light through the holidays.  So here is my plan:

I’m going to post every day through the end of the year.  Yes, even Christmas.  It’s a weird year, and many of us, including myself, will be home alone, so why not?

The #BreakThings newsletter will run through Wednesday this week and pick back up on Monday.  If I find enough articles, I may do a special ‘feel good’ news holiday edition.

So that’s the plan for this week.  I apologize for the lack of outfit content, I look forward to it too.  But if I don’t shake this sinus infection (which means sleep), I’m just setting myself up for more problems later.

Hope you’re all surviving the pre-holiday and the congressional Coronabus debacle in one piece.  xo, Abra



  1. HH says:

    Thank you for the update and heck, for producing any content during this time. Hope you feel better soon.

    December 21, 2020/Reply
    • E says:

      Ditto! Rest and feel better!!!

      December 21, 2020/Reply
  2. Nancy says:

    Please take care of yourself and make that your top priority! We are grateful for all you do and would love to imagine you resting and healing! And yes, let’s all hang in there, enjoy what we can, and look forward to some brighter days ahead! XO

    December 21, 2020/Reply
    • Megan says:

      I second this comment — you deserve some well-earned rest and relaxation! If posting brings you joy, we’re not complaining, but we want you to do what makes you happy this Christmas:)

      December 21, 2020/Reply
    • Ral says:

      Agreed! Do take care. Feel better soon. Happy holidays!

      December 21, 2020/Reply
  3. LTH says:

    Echoing everyone – get better, Merry Christmas, take care of yourself!

    December 21, 2020/Reply
  4. Lost says:

    Feel better! Sleep is definitely important.

    December 21, 2020/Reply
  5. Madeline Vied says:

    I hope you feel better and take time to recharge! Love your content but it is worth missing it for a bit for your health! Thanks for your great communication.

    December 21, 2020/Reply
  6. JC says:

    Moving?! For a period of time or permanently? I know you guys have been remodeling so I’m curious!

    December 21, 2020/Reply
    • Susan says:

      Came to ask the same question! I’m so intrigued by renovations—real ones, not TV fake ones (sorry not sorry, they’re not real life in any way.)

      December 21, 2020/Reply
      • Erica says:

        Side note completely on lack of “real” home renovations: this is why I go on Renovation Realities (DIYnetwork maybe?) binges. We’ve done a house reno (with lots of our own work involved) and it is deliciously accurate. We watch it to remind ourselves that we were young and dumb before and should be smarter next time.

        December 22, 2020/Reply
    • Belle says:

      We’re going to Montana for the legislative session. So a few months.

      December 21, 2020/Reply
  7. Monica T says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Take it easy and have a Merry Christmas, for sure. Excited for the New Year and all the hope it carries with it!

    December 21, 2020/Reply
  8. Kim says:

    Hope you have a lovely break and are feeling better soon!

    December 21, 2020/Reply
  9. Lily says:

    You could post ‘thanks, I hate it’ for the rest of the year and I’d *still* read it and be happy.
    Never leave us, Belle. (I mean, yes, when it’s time. It’s fine.)

    December 21, 2020/Reply
  10. e says:

    I hope you feel better soon! I had my first sinus infection earlier this year and it was nasty. Thank you for the continued content, I will look forward to checking in on Christmas, as I will also be alone.

    December 22, 2020/Reply
  11. Bev says:

    Thank you for all that you do. Please take care of yourself!

    December 22, 2020/Reply
  12. Cara says:

    Thank you for being a bright spot this year. Take care.

    December 22, 2020/Reply
  13. RR says:

    I love any content. I think because you don’t aggressively monetize, this blog always feels like a conversation with friends rather than something I have expectations of. Take care of yourself and Happy Holidays everyone!

    December 22, 2020/Reply
  14. Kayleigh DeLap says:

    Abra, Happy Holidays to you and your family! It’s been a year and there’s no need for you to apologize! Thinking of you, feel better and thank you again for a place of respite during this unbelievable year.

    December 22, 2020/Reply