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Saw It On Social: Cuup Bras

Last year, Third Love, the maker of my top-choice bra, was embroiled in a workplace controversy.  Dozens of employees told Vox that while the company billed itself as a feminist professional haven, the reality was very different.  Women who worked for the company detailed a culture of bullying by the male co-CEO, who was also the founder’s husband, and a lack of solid HR policies to protect employees or improve the work environment.

The company never responded to the Vox article, nor publicly acknowledged the employees’ claims.  This outright refusal to respond, after portraying itself as a feminist brand, upset me a great deal.  To essentially pull a Trump-style denial by deeming the concerns unworthy of the company’s precious time, infuriated me.  So suddenly, I was on the hunt for a new favorite bra.

And what a hunt it has been.  So plentiful have my Google searches been that the Algorithms That Be started showing me innumerable ads for new, disruptive bra manufacturers.  Among them, Cuup.

The classic Cuup bras are made with a sheer mesh material.  And it’s a very sexy look to take a regular bra and make it in a sheer mesh material.  It takes your every day bra up a notch.

Unfortunately, as comfortable as this bra was and as great as it looks, it’s not for me.  One of the primary functions of a bra is to prevent your nipples from being visible through your work clothes, and the mesh did a poor job of that.

So what’s a girl to do?

In this case, I ordered their Scoop bra, which comes in a more traditional bra material.  The wider straps were very comfortable, no drooping.  I also liked that the bra gave me the lift of a racerback style without being a racerback.  So this is a strong contender for my every day bra.

Cuup sizes run 30-38, A-H.  It’s by no means the most generous size range in the industry, but it’s decent.  They also offer a handful of nude-to-you shades, but not as wide a range as others.

Frankly, I liked both bras, even if the mesh wasn’t a good choice for my needs.  But I wasn’t wow’ed by either of them.  And for $68 per bra, I was hoping for a little more, which just tells you what great marketing can do for a product.

Like all Saw It On Social posts these bras were purchased with my own money.  No gifts or sponsorships are solicited or accepted.  If you have a product you would like to see reviewed in this space, leave it in the comments.



  1. AM says:

    Thank you for reviewing this, I’ve been getting these ads too and wasn’t sure if it was worth checking out. Sounds like I’ll skip this one.
    Personally, my favorite pandemic bra has been the aerie real free bralette. I was never a bralette girl before (not enough support, too many skinny straps) but these converted me. Just a tip for anyone still looking for a comfortable and affordable work from home option!

    December 3, 2020/Reply
  2. cEEcEE says:

    As a mature (45) woman I was surprised to find my bra heaven at Aerie! Yes, they cater to the young folk…but, I was drawn in by the fit, fabric and affordability. And, I’ve tried them all from Natori to Cosabella, etc. Aerie makes great everyday, comfortable bras that don’t break the bank – especially since you’re supposed to refresh your drawer every 6-8 months!

    December 3, 2020/Reply
  3. Susan says:

    I too, have struggled with bras. My favorite chantelle t shirt bra was discontinued, and I wasn’t a fan of third love…wasn’t supportive enough for my 32Ds. I have found one that is my Goldilocks, the Wacoal la femme bra, but would like to expand my bra drawer a bit. Any other suggestions? PS I don’t need sexy, I need support, nipple coverage and durability, like Abra said.

    December 3, 2020/Reply
    • Nadine says:

      RIP the Chantelle t-shirt bra. Those were my absolute favourite. I sometimes still manage to find one on e-Bay here and there.

      December 3, 2020/Reply
    • Lost says:

      32 D and Natori Pure Luxe is my fave. Not cheap, but goes on sale at Nordstrom – typically included in their anniversary sale.

      December 3, 2020/Reply
      • M says:

        Yes! This Natori Pure Luxe is my favorite too. Nordstrom Rack sometimes has a few of them – sizes and colors might be limited but worth a look. I’ve found them for as low as $28.

        December 3, 2020/Reply
    • marie says:

      30F here. Unfortunately I have found that there just are not good inexpensive bras for a smaller band and larger bust. I always go for European/UK brands that make seamed bras (a single cup is not going to be supportive for a larger bust). Prima Donna is my favorite. They are expensive but worth every penny.

      December 4, 2020/Reply
    • Jane says:

      For my Chantelle fans, I’m not sure if this would work for your shape, but I’m linking to my fave Chantelle molded cup bra. Last fall, I went to a speciality lingerie shop to be re-fitted after I went down a band size, and my old Chantelle fave was no longer available in my cup size. They found me this one, which is available on Herroom. The last Panache molded cup bra I tried was pretty comfy but did not hold up as well as their lace bras and seems to be discontinued now. If you feel comfortable going in to be fitted right now, that’s probably your best bet, but if not, I hope this helps. https://www.herroom.com/chantelle-2606-champs-elysees-convertible-t-shirt-bra.shtml

      December 4, 2020/Reply
  4. amy says:

    I have had very good luck with Lively brand bras.

    December 3, 2020/Reply
  5. SC says:

    Maybe I have really boring boobs, but the Maidenform One Fabulous Fit racerbacks are my end-all be-all bras. They don’t fall of my narrow, sloped shoulders, there’s zero nipple show-through, and they’re well priced. I just forget I’m wearing them, which is basically the goal.

    Also, I definitely recommend the online shop Her-Room.com if you need new bras, it’s amazing.

    December 3, 2020/Reply
    • becky says:

      SC – I am wearing that bra as I type this! I am a Maidenform fan, too. They have some good deals on many of their bras on Amazon.

      December 3, 2020/Reply
    • Anonymous says:

      These were my favorites and the only bras I wore for years. And then they stopped offering panties in the same colors as the bras and I couldn’t make matching sets anymore.

      December 4, 2020/Reply
  6. SS says:

    AS a woman who falls at the upper end of the Cuup range (36F on a non-bloated day) I was not super impressed with their bras. The balconette cut me off right in the middle of my breast, and the 36 band was, well, not a 36. The balconette is a shape that I normally love because it keeps me supported without spillage through the front of a bra. Maybe this works for smaller cup sizes, but I have yet to hear of someone with a larger body or a larger chest giving Cuup a positive review.

    Their underwear, however, is lovely.

    December 3, 2020/Reply
    • Emma says:

      I’m a similar size, so no sense in trying CUUP then. I’m still wearing ThirdLove. It’s just too hard to find supportive, attractive bras in my size.

      December 4, 2020/Reply
  7. Kimberly says:

    I recently tried Harper Wilde and have been very happy with my purchase. I ordered 2 sizes because it had been so long since I bought bras and I wasn’t confident in my at home measurements, and it was very easy to exchange for a different size once I had decided. I like that the band is wide and comfortable, and the straps adjust in the front, which is great. And you can recycle your old bras with them, which is a nice service.

    December 4, 2020/Reply
  8. Jenn S. says:

    Another Aerie fan here. I really like their wireless (but not bralette) offerings. They never gap on me. They’re definitely more of a daily driver, though they do have some lace styles that are chic and a bit sexy. There’s always a way to save on them, whether its BOGO, other sales, etc. and they have a loyalty/reward program (Buy X bras, get one free).

    I tried another social media marketing bra darling, though – Pepper is made for smaller busts (I’m a 32B) and alleges to be superior because instead of taking a bra designed for the ‘average’ bust and shrinking them, they adjusted the proportions. While the way the cups are set are definitely a good fit for me, the band is weirdly tight (I *never* have this issue). It looks nice enough, but the fabric feels cheap and even slightly irritating (also not a problem I tend to have) against my skin. At $49 they aren’t wildly expensive, but I don’t think they’re worth that price; apart from the cups being sewn in a way that’s better for my chest, I’ve gotten better bras from Target for $15.

    December 4, 2020/Reply
  9. N.J. says:

    I e been having luck lately with the Soma Enbliss wireless bralette. They are a bit pricey for me, but I’ve bought them when they are on sale. I’m a 40 C and they fit great, not sure how they are for larger cup sizes, but their sizing chart has a useful grid.

    December 4, 2020/Reply
  10. Caroline says:

    Have you tried True&Co? I practically live in them now.

    December 4, 2020/Reply