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The Beauty Range: Makeup Bags for Gifting

Makeup bags make great holiday gifts for the ladies in your life.  But who hasn’t purchased what they thought was a nice makeup bag only to have it split open or refuse to zip after two weeks?  Here are a few bags that I can vouch for either from personal experience or friend recommendations.  (I listed them from most expensive to least.)


I use this Anya Hindmarch bag (which I got as a gift from a friend) as my travel makeup bag. The brush holders are really nice so that your brushes don’t get gunky and gross rolling around in your bag.

When Rothy’s started selling bags, I was not enthusiastic about the pivot.  But then, I bought this Vanity Set in the midnight camo, and I am in love.  The large is very large, the small is perfect for travel-size toiletries, and I am spot cleaning them all the time to keep them looking new, because I love them that much.

I own this Cuyana Travel Case Set but I don’t use it for makeup.  I wouldn’t want to cover something so lovely in foundation and shadow, so I use them as work-bag organizers.  But they are very well-made and look/feel expensive.

This Truffle makeup case is popular with bloggers who travel a lot because it eliminates the need for a Ziploc bag.  Truffle also makes an envelope size one as well, that’s under-$50.


Manhattan Portage actually makes messenger bags that are designed to take a serious beating, so I imagine this case could survive a war.  The multiple levels are nice for women who need to organize a lot of makeup.


Stephanie Johnson makes a lot of styles and sizes in her makeup bags.  I like this dome shape, because the bottom pocket keeps your brushes away from your makeup.

This Kate Spade bag is under-$50 as part of their surprise sale, so if you want it, I wouldn’t sleep on it.

I own a couple of LOFT Outlet bags that I use to organize large totes.  They hold up really well.  This under-$20 leopard option is a great choice.

This Herschel Dopp Kit is on sale.  It’s big, it’s durable (it’s made to survive men), and it looks chic.  And it’s under-$20.

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  1. RR says:

    I have the Anya Hindmarch makeup bag. It is ridiculously expensive but one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. Not as relevant now, as I keep my makeup in a drawer at home, but when I used to go to the gym before work during the week I used it constantly. I also have the Truffle case and use it in place of ziploc bags when I (used to) travel. Highly recommend that as well!

    November 20, 2020/Reply
  2. J says:

    Honestly, I use Ziplocs for this. Maybe I just need to be better about cleaning make-up bags, but they get so gross that I just can’t bring myself to use something nice to hold makeup. And I don’t udnerstand why mine get so gross. My makeup is closed…

    November 20, 2020/Reply
  3. Lea says:

    I have the Cuyanas in Jade and they feel so luxurious.

    November 20, 2020/Reply
  4. Jennifer says:

    Greetings All – These recommendations all look great. Some other thoughts: 1) Whether it’s these or others, recommend a bag with some padding. I lost a lot of eyeshadow, blush, and powder pans using cheap plastic bags. 2) Consider the quality of your makeup packaging. Cheaper packaging (usually drugstore, but not always) tends to break more frequently. Solid packaging holds up better in transit. 3) You may want to switch out powders for less breakable options such as cream blush, stick eyeshadow, and solid foundation. 4) Separate section and holders for makeup brushes to keep residue off other makeup. If your bag doesn’t have that feature, store them in a ziploc baggie. Good luck everyone!

    November 20, 2020/Reply
  5. Rebecca says:

    If you’re looking for a less expensive option to the Truffle bag, check out the 3D organizer cube from Tom Bihn. Quality goods, super durable, though more utilitarian in design. Think of it as a permanent, reusable alternative to the 1-quart ziploc bag when flying. (I have several Tom Bihn goods, and they are all top-notch.)


    Heads up: this may take a little extra time. It looks like they’re currently in production in their Seattle factory/shop, and they don’t have any in stock at the moment.

    November 23, 2020/Reply