Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 194

You can do anything, but not everything. // Anonymous

+ Find a good match by assessing an employer’s values in an interview.

+ Zella’s Shooting Star Jacket is the ultimate <$30 athleisure topper.

+ How to make the perfect snack board.

+ Sweater Weather: One with pearls, a chunky mockneck, and a puff-sleeve knit.

+ Feeling anxious? A process for turning down the heat.

+ I love this teapot, sugar, and creamer from Verishop.

+ On Zoom, nobody knows you’re pregnant.

+ These $13 pearl earrings are one of the lovely pieces in Factory’s jewelry collection.

+ ‘I was the fastest girl in America, until I joined Nike.’

+ This Target purse looks much more expensive than its price tag.

+ Memorable life lessons from the contributors’ first jobs.

+ This leopard-print sweater is cute for casual wear.

Long Reads: The Expansive Power of the Internet Meme.

Remember all the bread we baked in the spring?  Well, I’m still baking occasionally, but I’ve moved onto a more exciting condiment option: compound butters.

There’s strawberry compound butter, garlic & herb, brown sugar and cinnamon, and cilantro & chipotle.  You spread them on bread, tuck them into chicken breast, or put them on top of roasting vegetables.  They spruce up quick meals of one meat and one veg or breathe life into day old bread.

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  1. Monica T. says:

    I love butter, so I thought I would LOVE compound butters. Then I realized I loved butter just the way it is ha! But strawberry butter might make a believer out of me, as a lover of berry cream cheese it sounds amazing!

    October 20, 2020/Reply
  2. Gigi says:

    I recommend compound butters for pie crust. Sage compound butter in the crust makes chicken pot pie so much better. Also an interesting apple pie…

    October 21, 2020/Reply