Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 165

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. // Ernest Hemingway

+ Staying sane is a practice. (h/t #5SmartReads)

+ Relaxation Recipe: Bath soak + Candle + Good Pajamas

+ When losing your job feels like losing yourself.

+ My favorite brand of jeans is on sale. I grabbed these blush ones.

+ How do I know if I am really in love?

+ Mini-sizes are a great way to try new products, like my fave cleanser.

+ Tips for focusing on work when everything is so stressful.

+ This professional Kitchen Aid mixer is my dream.

+ The trapped-at-home mother in self-isolation.

+ Date Night Dresses: A bold floral and a sleek tie-shoulder sheath.

+ Long Read. Forensic science is not infallible; it’s not even much of a science.

Art is so expensive, especially if you have a large wall and need something substantial.  So I went hunting for tutorials on how to make your own art pieces.

Emily Henderson has a blog post about making your own art that caught my attention.  House Beautiful also has some interesting ideas for wall art.  I also liked the ‘circle art’ idea in this AHS blog post.

As for art to buy, I’m thinking about buying myself this print for my birthday.

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  1. ral says:

    The HBR “losing your job” article is quite insightful. This is so true: “This paradigm makes it challenging for women to participate equally in the realm of paid work and for men to participate equally in the realm of unpaid work and caregiving” and definitely plays a role in the workplace.

    April 22, 2020/Reply
    • em says:

      I was expecting more from the HBR article. It set up the problem well but then distilled it to a gender issue. Parental leave and affordable childcare is an unfilled, critical need in this country but fixing that alone doesn’t solve the internal crisis a lot of people experience while unemployed. Many of us, parents or not, have experienced a change in our social environment while navigating the job market. Culturally, we have so tied up personal worth with professional success (especially under the guise that we live in a meritocracy) that work-related setbacks can have serious psychological ramifications. I would have been interested to have seen that taken on more directly (setting up a more diverse discussion on the need for a social safety net aside from UBI).

      April 23, 2020/Reply
  2. meghan says:

    For anyone looking for affordable art, especially large pieces, check out Juniper Print Shop:

    Her stuff is beautiful, original, and she’s one of my favorite follows on Instagram.

    April 22, 2020/Reply
  3. A says:

    Have you checked out minted? In addition to cards and stationery, they have some pretty great prints made by independent artists. You can buy them framed for very reasonable prices.

    April 22, 2020/Reply
  4. Mo says:

    For affordable art from a woman-owned small business that supports women artists, check out Liz Lidgett Gallery. Her limited edition prints are a good place to start:

    I’m saving my money for an Elisa Sheehan.

    April 22, 2020/Reply
  5. Rhianna says:

    When I was doing my daughters nursery I was really trying to go budget on artwork. I went to etsy and found digital prints that I loved. I was able to ask the artist to make them high resolution for the sizes I wanted. I bought those and then used them on a site ( make canvas prints. It turned out so well I did the same thing in the guest room. It was VERY cost effective. The prints were under $10 each and the canvas on that site is really cheap.

    April 23, 2020/Reply
  6. Trace says:

    The KA 600 refurbished is available for $200 on the KA website.
    The almost equivalent Costco version is on sale for $250. Go live your dream.

    April 24, 2020/Reply