Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 157

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. // Albert Einstein

+ It’s okay not to be okay right now.

+ At-home coffee essentials: Pour Over + Electric Kettle + Milk Frother

+ Need career support?  All Career Contessa webinars are now free.

+ Looking for cool sweatshirts? An Alo Yoga Turtleneck and Pullover.

+ A doctor shows you how to bring groceries and takeout into your home safely.

+ Stop fighting it; buy the sneakers.

+ How to stay married during a global pandemic.

+ J.Crew’s Juliette sweater-blazer and gold disc earrings are bringing me joy.

+ Second man cured of HIV. Because good news is nice.

+ Now would be a good time to learn how to use the Conair Infinity Pro.

+ Real Simple wants to help you find a new hobby. Hand lettering looks fun.

This is my friend, Kara.  Some of you may read her blog Politics of Pretty or follow her on Instagram.

In a world filled with beauty bloggers who want to teach you how to change your appearance, Kara is a rare, authentic light.  She espouses clean beauty (long before it was cool) and embraces making the most of what you have naturally.  And unlike so many bloggers, she understands how makeup for the office — from nail polish to pretty hairstyles — should be.

This year, she applied for the #SephoraSquad, and I’m hoping those who like her content can leave her a testimonial.  Kara takes all of her own photos, doesn’t accept much sponsored content, and writes the kind of blog that doesn’t make beauty and skincare seem like an intimidating insider’s game.  Adding her to Sephora’s content creators would bring someone with the rare perspective of a working woman who knows how to make beauty realistic for those with a real 9-to-5.

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  1. sunnyia says:

    I have this Alo turtleneck sweatshirt and LOVE it. I get compliments every single time I wear it. It gives a very casual/artistic luxe vibe. Even with my leggings. Also looks great with jeans and boots. I think it runs a teeny bit small – if you’re between sizes (I’m usually on the fence between a M or L), I’d size up to get the soft relaxed fit.

    March 28, 2020/Reply
    • Emily says:

      I own the Alo turtleneck sweatshirt in 3 colors. It’s my go-to winter weekend (and now, weekday) top. I agree with Sunnyia’s styling and sizing tips, too!

      March 30, 2020/Reply
  2. Kara says:

    Thank you, Abra for the kind words!! I really appreciate it. You have been my go-to source for workplace tips and style advice for years, and I’ve always looked up to you!

    You’re a wonderful friend.


    March 28, 2020/Reply
  3. RR says:

    Best inexpensive milk frother:

    March 29, 2020/Reply
  4. Michelle says:

    Hand lettering is really fun, I’m learning it to address my wedding invitations. If you write in cursive normally it is pretty easy to pick up. I highly recommend getting the high quality brush pens (only a few bucks) and eventually picking up a stencil to keep your lines even if you’re doing it for writing/addressing letters!

    March 30, 2020/Reply