Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 155

Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win. // Bobby Knight

+ How to clean and disinfect yourself, your home, and your stuff.

+ My favorite pajamas are on sale at Nordstrom.

+ What does dressing for work mean now? And, dressing up makes me feel better.

+ This easy Universal Standard work dress comes in sizes 4XS to 4XL.

+ Sugar-Coating the Resistance; How my friend Barb is using Peeps to make a statement.

+ I bought a meditation cushion; I don’t even know who I am anymore.

+ When Your Home Becomes Your Office and Your Daycare.

+ This Reebok x Victoria Beckham ball cap its perfect for daily walks.  Also in white.

+ Famous lines of poetry rewritten for the age of coronavirus.

+ 25% off at Anthropologie.  These bright pink sandals make me happy.

+ Zoom has a secret beauty filter for conference calls.

+ Need eye candy? Visit Verishop. Hello, pretty puff sleeves.

+ Long Read: The Many Lives of Pauli Murray, the civil rights leader you’ve never heard of.

I’ve worn leggings for far too many days now.  I haven’t put on makeup in more than two weeks. I’m in desperate need of a good dress up day.  And I can’t be the only one.

So here’s the deal.

On Tuesday, I’m hosting virtual, work from home dress up day.  You know, like in elementary school when you had pajama day or dress like your hero day.  Except instead of a costume, we’re going to put on our favorite work outfits, get all buffed and puffed, and give our stretchy pants the day off.

If you want to participate, dress up on Tuesday, and post a photo to your Facebook or Instagram with the #WFHdressupday.  You can dress professional or business casual.  The only rule is no athleisure, sweat pants or pajamas.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to start planning my outfit.

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  1. sara says:

    love this idea! although I am going all-in with embracing no-makeup for as long as I can (part experiment – how does my skin/face do without all that STUFF?) but I’ll be there with dressing up in the new Boden dress I got right before all this started….

    March 20, 2020/Reply
  2. Rr says:

    Love it! I’m putting on an actual dress and tights and heels. I never thought I’d miss them so much!

    March 20, 2020/Reply
    • RKT says:

      Sounds fun! I was wondering: I think you did a post on makeup for video calls a while ago? If so, could you refresh that for now? Tips appreciated!

      March 20, 2020/Reply
      • Amy says:

        I find that most computer video screens will wash you out – great if you tend towards pale and blotchy like I do! I can skip the foundation and get away just fine with blush, mascara, lip balm to counteract the winter peeling lips and a swipe of the laura mercier eye crayons in whatever color suits you. 5 minutes or less. Add a dusting of powder if you run oily.
        Since I also used to go out of my house to do the school run/errands/etc. I’d add in concealer where you need it…these days apparently not necessary.

        March 20, 2020/Reply
  3. Denise says:

    Excited for the Tuesday dress up day. I have an RTR subscription and wasn’t able to cancel it for this month!

    March 20, 2020/Reply
  4. Kelly says:

    Zoom beauty filter?! YAS!!

    March 20, 2020/Reply