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The Range: Silk Tees

Silky tees are a great piece for working women.  In a professional office, you can layer them under blazers.  In a business casual office, you can tuck them into a pair of colored trousers.  And make sure you do.not.miss the Front Desk option today, it’s a good one.

Corner Office

Theory Silk Tee ($285)

Cubicle Farm

Majestic Filatures Silk Touch ($100, 4 colors)

Front Desk

Lily Silk Charmeuse Blouse ($59, 10 colors)*

I’m very interested in LilySilk as a company.  They sell on Amazon, and their wares are said to be 100% Mulberry silk.  And they seem to sell everything from bed sheets to these chic work blouses.

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  1. SarA says:

    What bra do you like for under these shirts? I feel like my nipples are always showing!

    February 12, 2020/Reply
    • Jennifer says:

      Greetings Sara – I switched to t-shirt bras years ago and have never looked back. Recommend a microfiber bra versus cotton so fabrics don’t stick to them. Also recommend stocking up on whatever shade of “nude” works for you so they remain invisble under light or sheer fabrics. I don’t have specific recommendations in regard to manufacturer or style since bra fit is so personal, but a quick Google search will give you many options. Jennifer

      February 12, 2020/Reply
  2. Mary says:

    I went down a rabbit hole a few years ago looking for a silk jersey tee, (not the item currently under discussion, I know), and the only maker I could find was Eileen Fisher. Majestic Filatures was misleading in how they name their merchandise, most of it is cotton but you really have to drill down into the description to learn that. I am excited about the Amazon find, I will have to try them out!

    February 12, 2020/Reply
  3. Jamie says:

    Have you tried Lilysilk yet? I’m intrigued.

    February 12, 2020/Reply
  4. Lindsey says:

    Here to vouch for Cuyana’s silk tee. I own two and want to have them in every color. They have a heavier weight and drape beautifully. I don’t have the lighter colors but the navy and burgundy are not sheer at all.


    February 12, 2020/Reply
    • GF says:

      Second this, the Cuyana silk tees are my go-to, and I have the lighter colors too (including white!) and they are not sheer at all, which is critical for my business formal workplace.

      February 14, 2020/Reply
  5. ChiAnon says:

    Has anyone tried Last Brand’s silk tee?

    February 12, 2020/Reply
    • caitlin says:

      I also am super curious about Last Brand! Their silk, cashmere, and leather items seem too good to be true.

      February 21, 2020/Reply
  6. wellfedfred says:

    check out the H&M silk tees, too!

    February 12, 2020/Reply
  7. ana says:

    If anyone’s looking for one ASAP, J.Crew’s reimagined silk tee in Ivory is on sale for $37 this weekend and appears to have decent reviews (and all the sizes are available!!!). I haven’t tried the Lily Silk blouse, but the seams appear questionable in the picture (could just be lighting)

    February 13, 2020/Reply