Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 148

If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one. // Dolly Parton

Top Billing. I don’t want to be the strong female lead.

Well-Suited. This J.Crew Factory tweed suit looks more expensive than the tag price.

Hang Ups. Billions of wire hangers, and no one ever wants them.

Coupled. This Chelsea 28 chiffon dress and this ruffle-trim Ralph Lauren dress (also nice for work) are both good options.  Plus-size? Try this floral-embroidered dress.

Heard Out. Women receive less feedback than men; 3 ways to change that.

Poured. How adorable is this glass creamer shaped like a milk carton?

Reduced. Tired Skin? Maybe it’s time for a skincare fast.

Topped Off. This pretty H&M wrap blouse and this minimalist floral blouse caught my eye.

Sing Out. Why are women so uncomfortable touting their work/skills?

Slicked Back. BR has the perfect draped trench coat, also in petite/tall.

Solo’ed. On the loneliness of early parenthood.

Adorned. Baublebar is killing it with these huggie hoops and set of domed rings.

One of my goals for this blog in 2020 is to grow my social media.  I know some of you aren’t on Facebook or Instagram, maybe you don’t use Pinterest, and perhaps you just follow friends and relatives because the Internet can be an unfriendly place.  But here are the platforms that I’m using, and I hope you’ll come join the communities we’re building there.

Instagram // @abrabelke

I don’t post photos very often, but I love Instagram Stories.  Recently, I launched an afternoon series that features my favorite outfit posts from other fashion bloggers.  It’s a good way to find more people to follow and get outfit ideas.

Also, every Friday, I host a Q&A called FivebyFive.  Readers ask me questions, and I post five serious answers, and five fun answers (like which Hogwarts house are you?  Or what is your favorite thing Kyle cooks?).  I’ll be adding guest interviews to the mix starting next week.

And when I remember, I post pictures of my outfits to the My Outfits page.  But since I’m usually running late for wherever I’m going, I don’t always make the time.

Facebook // Thirtyish

Since I’m still figuring out how I want to maximize the Capitol Hill Style Facebook page, let’s talk about Thirtyish instead.

Thirtyish is just a happy place on the Internet where women ask questions about work, health, fashion, and life.  Group members answer them and offer advice in a supportive environment.  No spam, no trolls.

Pinterest // @abrabelke

If I have a 15-minute break in my day, this is typically where you’ll find me.   I’m searching for home decor inspiration, great recipes and fashion inspiration.  You can follow me or just a few of the boards.  The most popular board is Styling and Accessorizing where I share photos that illustrate how extras make an outfit come together.

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  1. SC says:

    I just can’t with those 10-step beauty routines — my nightly regimen is remove makeup, cleanser, treatment, eye cream, moisturizer (one product each). If I do a mask or scrub, it goes after cleanse and before treat. My skin is very happy with just a few products, so I’m not motivated to add anything.

    February 11, 2020/Reply
  2. Eleni says:

    I have simplified my skincare down to a cleanser, moisturizer and spf over the past 6 months and could not be more happy with my results. I also made the switch to cleaner products and make up. Jessica Yarbrough is a good follow if you are interested in learning more about the beauty industry.

    February 11, 2020/Reply
  3. Orla says:

    I love your outfits posts but would prefer them in a different format- any chance you could post them to Facebook?

    February 12, 2020/Reply
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