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Product Review: A Scrub for Winter Skin

When my skin gets really dry, the first thing that I do is remove the dead skin.  Usually, I can apply a purifying charcoal mask, remove it with a nubby washcloth, and call it a day.  But when my skin is really dry and my pores are congested, I need something stronger.  It’s time for a real scrub to get my skin into shape for spring.

I love Ole Henriksen’s products.  Their Invigorating Night Transformation Gel changed my skin — of all the products that I have used to treat acne, this is the best.  And since Ole’s philosophy is to exfoliate, treat, and soothe, his brand was the first one I turned to when I needed a scrub.

The Pore Balance Facial Sauna Scrub is a great product.  When you place it on your skin it warms and then cools.  The effect of the warming and cooling action helps soothe and calm skin.  The combination of AHAs, volcanic sand, and neem seed oil will scrub away dead skin cells and refresh skin.  The scrub is also packed with botanicals that have antiseptic properties to purify and refine pores.

I use the scrub twice per week, and I can tell if I forget.  My skin is noticeably smoother, fresher, and balanced after using it.  Foundation applies more easily, and serums seem to absorb better.

The scrub is not drying, which is a rarity.  It doesn’t over tax or stress the skin, because while the volcanic sand gives it a grainy texture, the grains don’t seem to tear the skin.  If I have an especially scaly patch (typically near my eyebrows), I’ll let the  scrub sit on the skin like a mask for a few minutes before removing it.  This extra time helps remove the dry skin more gently and completely.

Ole’s products also received Sephora’s clean seal.  Clean seal products meet certain standards, containing no parabens, dyes, sulfates, mineral oils, triclosan, and several other ingredients.  They also contain less than one-percent synthetic fragrances.

Bottom line, I love this product.  My skin feels great after I use.  My moisturizer is working better, the dry patches around my eyebrows are gone, and my pores look smoother and more refined.  It’s a product that I will definitely restock when it’s empty.

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  1. SC says:

    The warming sensation from this scrub is SO NICE, it feels like a super-luxe spa treatment. I especially love to use it after a long travel day, aaaaahhhh.

    Love skincare posts. 🙂

    February 5, 2020/Reply