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Gift Guide 2019: Secret Santa Gifts Under-$25

With holiday parties just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to post the Secret Santa/White Elephant gift guide earlier than usual.  The gifts run from $5 to $25.  And given that more and more offices are asking that the gifts not include alcohol, this is a dry gift guide.

White Elephant gifts should be either hysterical or useful.  They should either cause your co-workers to laugh uncontrollably during the reveal, or be so practical that anyone could find a use for it.  The best gifts are both.  But no one has ever accused me of being funny, so let’s play to my strengths and stick to the useful gifts.

For the Co-Worker Who Loves Avocado Toast // Food Huggers Silicone Avocado Savers ($11)

Saving food without single-use plastics is a hot topic.  These Food Huggers are great for storing and saving avocados.  You can also buy them in a variety of round sizes for storing different fruits and vegetables.

For the Co-Worker Who Loves to Stay In // Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Remote ($25)

A Fire Stick makes a great gift, especially now that it comes with access to Disney+.  If you need a gift under $20, Amazon has another Fire Stick without the Alexa remote for $20.  Whether they keep this gift for themselves or re-gift it to someone who needs it, this is a crowd pleaser.

For the Co-Worker Who Loves to Cook // Alison Roman, Nothing Fancy ($19)

Cookbooks are a safe and useful gift.  This one from Alison Roman is a great place to start.  Other options include Chrissy Teigen Hungry for More and Smitten Kitchen: Every Day.

For the Co-Worker Who Loves Her Morning Coffee // Zoljirushi Stainless Mug ($25)

This stainless steel mug is a game changer.  It keeps hot beverages hot, and cold beverages cold.  Best of all, it locks closed.  So if you put it in your bag it won’t spill.  Like I said, game changer.

For the Co-Worker Who Has a Nightly Glass of Wine // Wand Wine Filter ($19)

This wine filter removes sulfites and histamines from your glass of wine.  Filtering the wine helps prevent wine headaches.  This pack holds 8 filters or buy a pack of 3 for $12.

For the Co-Worker Who Needs a Private Bathroom // PooPourri Pinch Pack ($19)

PooPourri is a spray that you use before you use the restroom to prevent embarrassing odors.  This pack contains all of their most popular scents in travel size.  You can also buy this $10 Holiday Scented bottle for Secret Santa.


For the Co-Worker Who Eats Pizza Everyday for Lunch // Microwave Pizza Pan ($8)

Reheating pizza is rarely a satisfying experience.  It can be soggy, chewy, and unevenly cooked.  But this little pan makes reheating pizza a more pleasurable experience.  The crust is crispier, the cheese is melted, and nothing is soggy.

For the Co-Worker Who Likes to Listen to Music // Oontz Blueetooth Speaker ($25)

This speaker has excellent sound quality for the money.  It’s surprisingly loud, and has a 100ft range so you don’t need to be standing right next to it for it to work.  It also plays for over 12-hours on a single charge.

For the Co-Worker Who Likes Good Design // Pottery and Tile Matchstriker ($9)

This precious little matchstriker comes in a wide variety of colors and includes the matches.  You simply strike the match on the unglazed portion of the striker to light it.  Not loving the match striker?  Try a flameless lighter for $10.

What are the best White Elephant gifts you’ve ever given or received?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

{image by Derek Thompson; this post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author}



  1. e says:

    A+ on the Alison Roman cookbook. Her books are great for experienced cooks and newbies alike.

    November 26, 2019/Reply
  2. Crystal says:

    Strongly agree with you that White Elephant gifts should be practical, consumable, or *really* funny — no one wants cast-offs or junk (and it’s bad for the environment, too).

    November 26, 2019/Reply
  3. Jules says:

    How have I never heard of wine filters before???!!! OMG

    November 26, 2019/Reply
  4. Casey says:

    Your free people sweater is on MAJOR sale at nordstrom right now!
    i just had to tell you!

    November 27, 2019/Reply
  5. Maria says:

    Those match holders are brilliant!

    November 27, 2019/Reply