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The Range: Canvas Weekender Bags

Holiday travel is almost upon us, and hopefully, some of you are heading somewhere warm.  Whether you’re traveling in winter or summer, a canvas weekender is a lovely travel bag.  You can carry it solo, or use it with your carry on.  And since canvas is washable, you can toss it around on your travels without worry.

Also, if you’re hunting for a gift for someone in college or someone who likes to travel, a well-made weekender is a nice option.

Corner Office

Neely & Chloe Weekender ($348)

Cubicle Farm

Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe ($122)

**Full Disclosure** I was once gifted this bag by Lo & Sons (7 years ago, I think).  I was impressed by it, but didn’t need it.  I passed it on to my friend Sarah who has carried it on more beach vacations then I can count.  The lower zip-pocket is a great place for sandy or damp items.

Front Desk

CB Station Weekender Bag ($60)

This is a really cute bag.  It also comes in a fun bright coral accent.

{image by Madison Olling; this post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author}



  1. SC MD2 says:

    I bought the Lo & Sons Catalina tote last year around Thanksgiving for 50% off. Probably the best purchase I made in 2018. It looks like there’s a currently a 30% off for them, bringing the price to about $100

    November 6, 2019/Reply
    • cRYSTAL says:

      I concur. The Catalina Deluxe is fantastic for car trips and beach vacations, and the bottom pocket is perfect for shoes and toiletries, And it’s frequently on sale!

      November 6, 2019/Reply
  2. Liz says:

    I got this LL Bean canvas bag for my brother for his birthday and it’s been his go-to ever since (side-note, don’t you just love it when someone really uses your gift?): https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/81523?page=field-canvas-duffle&bc=50-516673-904&feat=904-GN3&csp=f

    November 6, 2019/Reply
  3. Monica says:

    I need a new duffel bag, but I’m afraid of something unstructured because I sometimes throw heavy stuff in there like a law school book (pointy corners!). Is the catalina sufficiently structured to throw big heavy things in there and not just beach towels?

    November 8, 2019/Reply
  4. Chloe says:

    I bought the Lo & Sons CatalinaTote after seeing your post (yup, probably seven years ago…) and I *STILL* love it for a fantastic weekender. The bottom compartment is also great for shoes or to separate out dirty laundry. It has held up! The only thing I wish I could change about it is that it slid onto wheeled luggage easier. It can slip and slide a little if you jam pack it with stuff and then try to prop it on your suitcase.

    November 18, 2019/Reply