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The Weekly Edit: Keep the Plates Spinning

Drinking from a fire hose, that’s the only way to describe the past few weeks.

We have a wedding coming up in 19 days.  I picked up a new political client unexpectedly.  And I put all of my passion projects into the fire at the same time, because patience has never been a strength.

Just keep all the plates in the air (at least for the next 19 days, until I can put this heavy tray down), and keep moving forward.   So here are the things that have been distracting me, entertaining me, and giving me life during these frenetic dog days of summer.

The story of how Cambridge Analytica nano-targeted voter communication to sway the 2016 Election is incredible.  The Great Hack breaks down how they used social media data, collected by a social scientist with Facebook’s permission, to move small numbers of voters in swing states.  The documentary also covers the fallout from t he revelations about Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in both the U.S. election and Brexit.

Truly incredible is the only way to describe this documentary.  It will make you rethink your privacy, your social media usage, and how the media you consume might be slowly shaping your beliefs.

This weekend, I headed to Montana for an outdoor concert.  When I left town on Thursday, the forecast was partly cloudy with little chance of rain.  By the day of the concert, the weather had evolved into a torrential downpour with nickel-sized hail.  Unsurprisingly, I hadn’t packed the right clothing for those conditions.

Luckily, the mall had an Athleta store where I could pick something a bit more suitable, and get a look at their new items for the fall.  And the color palette for this season is nothing short of gorgeous.

Burgundy, olive, and cinnamon are on the menu for fall, and in person, the colors are fabulous.  Their Elevation 7/8 Tight with Powervita fits like a Lululemon’s Wunder Under.  Athleta also embraces inclusive sizing, offering petite, tall and plus sizes.

While I was in love with the fall Earth tones, I opted for the Uptempo Top in this deep teal.  The top is a mid-weight — slightly heavier than jersey, but not as thick as a sweatshirt — and it was perfect for wearing outside in chilly weather.  It comes in several neutral colors, and I’m going to grab at least one more.  So comfortable.

For several years, juice cleanses and detoxes were all the rage.  While their health claims are questionable, I find them useful for breaking my cravings after a long trip or an extended period of less-than-healthful eating.  Recently, I discovered Lemonkind juices, and they are all I will buy in the future.

First, they come sealed in pouches so that they aren’t wasted if you don’t drink them immediately.  Second, the juices actually taste good and are packed with buzzy ingredients like turmeric, chlorella, and chia.  Lastly, the business is woman-owned, made in the USA, and environmentally conscious.

Do you suffer from under-eye puffiness?  Then, you need Dr. Brandt’s No More Baggage.

I received a small sample of it from Sephora a while back and stuck it in a drawer.  Then, last week, after too much fun out with friends the night before, I tried it.  Oh, wow.  Smoothing, de-puffing, and firming all in one product.

Sadly, it doesn’t do anything for dark circles.  But if you suffer from under-eye baggage, you need this.

One of the things I find challenging about finding new books is finding a story that I can relate to.  Amazon has a brilliant new selection of stories called The One, a collection of books and audio stories written by well-respected authors about their real lives.

My favorite thus far is Speed Grieving by Allison Ellis.  It’s the story of a young widow with an infant figuring out how to move forward in life.

The stories are short, 30-45 minutes, perfect for a short flight or a long commute.   And the best part?   If you’re a Prime subscriber, they’re free.

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  1. Jules says:

    oooh! Thanks for the Netflix reco! Excited to watch it.

    August 14, 2019/Reply
  2. Cheryl says:

    OMG, ABRA you’ve done it again! Dr. Brandt’s Needles No More–No More Baggage is the ultimate bomb in disguising undereye puffs and bags! I went out and bought a tube from Ulta (it’s sold there as well as Sephora) and it works like magic! I’m 65+ with (I’m told) great skin for “my age”, but the undereye is one area that I was resigned to “looking my age”. This cream is lightweight, makeup-friendly, I dab it over my daily eye moisturiser (like the package directions tell me to) and I am amazed that it smooths out the wrinkles, depuffs the ‘bags’ and generally makes me look like I got a good night’s sleep, and makes me look like my former self. It will be a standby in my skincare/makeup routine.
    You are a one-woman wonder–wishing you and Kyle all the very best in your married life together. Live long and prosper together–the best is yet to be.

    August 15, 2019/Reply
  3. Holly says:

    yesss so second the needles no more! Stocking up on it for the Sephora Rogue sale! Speaking of, any recommendations on what to add to my basket?

    August 20, 2019/Reply