The Range: A Summer Sneaker

I’m on the hunt for a pair of weekend sneakers to wear with jersey dresses.  I was initially tantalized by the Gucci Ace sneakers with the charming  little bees on the side.  But I learned my lesson about buying designer pieces long ago: I’m too afraid to wear them.  So let’s finding something else, shall we?

Corner Office

Valentino Backnet Sneakers ($650)

Middle Cubicle

Club Monaco Jowenna Sneaker ($125)

Front Desk

Mango Contrast Applique Sneakers ($50)

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  1. Hannah Deutsch says:

    How do you style sneakers with a dress? I never feel like I get the look quite right…

    June 12, 2019/Reply
    • Kay says:

      +1 on this! Would love to see a post if possible!

      June 12, 2019/Reply
      • Karen says:

        I would also be interested in seeing how you style these! I love the idea, but I’m a bit unsure of how to pair them with a dress.

        June 12, 2019/Reply
  2. Jennifer says:

    I was on the hunt for affordable slip-on summer sneakers recently and most of what I found slipped off my skinny heels. I ended up with a pair of white Sperry sneakers from Nordstrom Rack, but also began looking into lace up sneakers at that point…the Everlane trainers were very tempting.

    June 12, 2019/Reply
    • Sally says:

      Do you think you could wear a narrow width? I have narrow feet and recently bought a pair of these slip on sneakers from Naturalizer.
      It is almost impossible to find any kind of slip on shoes that come in narrow, and I have been very pleased with these. Not “old lady” looking imho.
      I wore them today with a jersey dress, so I am feeling very chic to know I am on the same wavelength as Abra!

      June 12, 2019/Reply
  3. Christine says:

    I wear my white Converse with dresses all the time! It’s a great casual look for summer.

    June 12, 2019/Reply
  4. care says:

    i have been in my white common projects sneakers since i got them. they’re comfy, understated, extremely well-made and chic AF

    June 12, 2019/Reply
    • stephanie says:

      Just to save anyone unnecessary googling, Common Projects are $400 sneakers. Kinda like Golden Goose. They better be well made!

      June 12, 2019/Reply
      • Care says:

        It is a pretty big sticker shock, I’ll admit. It took me a LONG time to pull the trigger. However, my (admittedly fancy) husband has owned three pairs in various low and high top styles for 4+ years and they still look less than a year old. He finally had to give up on the one pair he wore most frequently because the soles wore down to nothing, but even then the rest of the shoe looked great. If we are talking cost per wear, I’d call that a win!

        Not sponsored lol

        June 13, 2019/Reply
  5. Allison says:

    I have white slip ons and white all birds, both I can’t wear any more because after about 4-5 wears, they get really scuffed and look messy. The all birds I’ve washed with bleach, didn’t work. I’ve tried using a magic eraser but they still look dingy. Any suggestions on how to keep these clean?

    June 12, 2019/Reply
    • E says:

      The trick I’ve found is actually to treat them before you wear them with a sneaker protectant spray – can be suede or leather depending on the shoe. It keeps dirt from building up on the shoe and any spills will bead up before they can penetrate. Makes it a lot easier to keep them clean this way with regular cleaning and re-spraying. Otherwise, once they’re dirty, it’s almost impossible to get them clean.

      June 13, 2019/Reply
  6. cARRIE says:


    June 12, 2019/Reply
    • Andrea says:

      Oooohhhhh I love those! I saw a blogger a couple weeks back who had similar shoes paired with a form-fitting leopard midi skirt and a white button down knotted at the waist. Which sounds like it shouldn’t work but totally did.

      June 12, 2019/Reply
  7. Rachel says:

    Anyone have thoughts on the Rothy’s slip-on sneakers? They are on my maybe list for this exact purpose. Does anyone know how they scuff/wash? I have other Rothy’ which I have successfully washed, but none of them are white.

    June 12, 2019/Reply
  8. Susan says:

    Am I the only one that finds this post…really disconcerting!? Lol. I can’t fathom chunky ugly white sneakers w ANYTHING much less jersey dresses. Please don’t kick me off the site, Abra!? 😉

    June 12, 2019/Reply
    • James says:

      I believe the phrase that applies is, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

      Nobody is expected to love 100% of the fashion posted on this site. If you see something today that doesn’t fit your style all you have to do is wait until tomorrow, when something might be right in your wheelhouse.

      To go out of your way to be tacky to Abra and other commenters about something they are clearly excited about is so unnecessary.

      June 12, 2019/Reply
      • Susan says:

        thank god you didnt overreact!

        June 13, 2019/Reply
        • James says:

          Fair point, I may have been too passionate in my response. I’m just really sick of people going out of their way to tear others down (not just this instance, but in general). And I was especially upset that you specifically referenced how ugly an outfit was when another commenter had just made it clear how good it made her feel!

          So apologies for taking my general frustration with the state of manners on the internet out on you; it was perhaps too harsh.

          However, my point still stands that going out of your way to be unkind to others when it would be just as easy to say nothing is unnecessary and rude.

          June 13, 2019/Reply
          • Allison says:

            *Preach* We learned in kindergarten if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Kindergarten!

            June 13, 2019/Reply
    • Anna says:

      We’re all entitled to our opinions. And while I’m not a fan of the purposefully ugly normcore trend that’s taken hold, I think sneakers with a dress can add interesting contrast and can look darn cute.

      June 12, 2019/Reply
    • Janine says:

      I generally don’t buy white sneakers, mostly because I have never been able to keep them clean, and I prefer more color. But I must admit that the ladies I see around town wearing white sneakers often look very put together, and it can elevate a casual look.

      June 13, 2019/Reply
    • Jessica says:

      These sneakers are far from chunky. They’re actually some of the most streamlined you can find on the market. These (linked below) are “in style” right now and are actual chunky shoes. Just to give comparison.

      June 13, 2019/Reply
  9. Julianne says:

    I was eyeing this pair on J. Crew because the leopard and black laces gave it a little something extra, but sadly my feet looked huge in them.

    Instead I got a white pair of classic superga (which are great if you want to make your feet look smaller) and changed out the laces with black ones laced straight bar. Love the results!

    June 12, 2019/Reply
    • Anna says:

      For a lighter alternative to Supergas, I recently got a pair of SeeVees in the Monterey style. The sole isn’t as thick as the Supergas, so the shoe is lighter and a bit more flexible, but they have a similar look and also make my feet look smaller. I really like my Supergas, but the rubber edge has started separating from the canvas. Hoping that doesn’t happen with the SeeVees too.

      June 12, 2019/Reply
      • Julianne says:

        Ooh i will check those out, thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

        June 13, 2019/Reply
  10. AB says:

    I have a pair of Stan Smith knits that wash beautifully. No bleach, just run through the wash and air dry. I have worn with a skirt in summer when sandals wouldn’t work for the amount of walking and have been very pleased! Otherwise, they go great with jeans and everything else. I wash them every 4-5 wears to keep them sparkling white

    June 12, 2019/Reply
  11. Christine says:

    I have to throw in a recommendation for Keds! Mine are so comfortable and supportive. I can wear them all day, my feet feel great. I love the pop of color on the back of these:

    June 13, 2019/Reply
    • Emily says:

      I second Christine’s Ked suggestion. I was thinking thebsame thing.

      June 13, 2019/Reply
  12. cait says:

    Has anyone seen the new Jimmy Choo sneakers? It’s like Choo and Sketchers had a baby:–RAINEEOU080009.html?cgid=women-shoes-sneakers#start=1

    June 13, 2019/Reply
  13. CJ says:

    I love the Gucci Ace if you’re still considering. They wear wonderfully and clean up very easy. I wouldn’t wear them hiking or in place of an athletic shoe, but they are great to elevate your look on casual days.

    June 13, 2019/Reply
  14. Elina says:

    Has anyone tried Tretorns? I’ve been considering pulling a trigger on Rawlins sneakers which get good reviews for comfort. Specifically these:
    I like the vintage look, and am hoping they’d be good for travel – both walking in a city and possibly light hikes.

    June 13, 2019/Reply
  15. Leslie says:

    My summer buy (and I had to search high and low to scoop them in my size) were the Comme des Garcon x Converse trailing hearts low-tops. LOVE them….so comfortable compared to classic converse, a little bit more sleek and elevated in the shape and they are this really great off-white that works with everything!

    June 13, 2019/Reply
  16. Dave Alce says:

    Valentino Backnet Sneakers is a super premium Sneakers. Can I use those Sneakers as my summer Sneakers?

    April 3, 2020/Reply