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The Weekly Edit: Step Into the Fire

The Governor has still not signed “my” bill into law.  He signed Hanna’s Act, a bill that provides long term support for missing Tribal women, but LINC (SB 312), a first-day solution to file missing person’s reports and coordinate searches, lingers.  The rumor is that he doesn’t plan to sign it, just let it sit in a drawer til it becomes law on the 11th day.

Why?  Partisanship.

He signed the Democrat bills at a big ceremony last Friday, but he wants to see the Republican Senator who sponsored my bill replaced in the next election, so why sign it and give him any credit for his bill or for putting the money back into Hanna’s Act after House Republicans stripped it?

The partisanship from both sides on this should-be-non-partisan issue gives me rage hives.  The amount of fighting the sponsor had to do against both parties had me on edge all session.  There were bright spots, moments when you saw Ds and Rs working together, but they mostly happened behind the scenes, while the partisan bickering happened in public.

Beyond that, I start my campaign job this week.  Kyle is on me to start decorating the house even though there’s no plan for how it should look.  I have about 100 hours of yard work ahead of me.  Not to mention that I still don’t have wedding invitations or an engagement ring.  And I’m trying to get Thirtyish off the ground, work with Hitha on a podcast, and keep this blog going.

I need to sort out a to-do list that brings some balance to my life.  But that’s a challenge for tomorrow.  Today, let’s talk about The Weekly Edit.  That sounds more fun.

How good does this Avocado Hummus with Tomatillo Salsa look?  It just feels so bright and fresh.  We’re having some people over this weekend, so I’m planning to serve this and Greek Chicken Gyros instead of burgers.  I get so burnt out on cheeseburgers by the end of barbecue season that I need to start changing it up.

This time of year, I get a lot of questions about sunscreen.  Supergoop is my favorite brand.  I like that they have a wide-array of products, and that none of them feel heavy or greasy on my skin.

For body, their Superpower Sunscreen Mousse is my new favorite.  But their spray on sunscreen is a great choice too.  If you have dry skin, their sunscreen oil will keep you protected and hydrated.

For face, I have a couple of picks.  If I’m not wearing makeup, I dab on the Supergoop sunscreen oil.  But if I’m going to wear makeup, I switch brands to Suntegrity for their face sunscreen and primer.

Supergoop also makes a lot of specialty products.  Their Part Powder is perfect for keeping the part in your hair from getting sunburned.  They also sell makeup products like eyeshadowface powder and (my favorite) setting mist.

Because I featured a lot of products, I should probably tell you that this is not a sponsored post.  I take disclosures seriously, but whenever I’m effusive about a product, people always ask if I just forgot to mark it.  I didn’t.  I just love Supergoop.

I needed a break from my steady diet of true crime podcasts.  Something lighthearted, interesting, less likely to give me nightmares.  Naturally, this led me to a podcast about obituaries.  Yes, obituaries.

You may remember Mo Rocca from his Daily Show gig.  His newest creation, Mobituaries, is a look at the obituaries of the famous and infamous.  Everything from sitcom characters killed off to JFK, or last week’s episode about a tree killed by rival football fans — because even foliage achieves cult status in the SEC.

The podcast is interesting but light, and you can listen to the episodes out of order in case you miss a week, and don’t want to go back.   My favorite episode thus far covered trailblazers who history forgot.  Give it a listen on your next commute.

The best shoes I bought last summer were these Universal Thread crossband sandals.  They’re relaxed, comfortable, and go with almost anything.  This season, I also picked up these Jenny slides in the metallic and the snakeskin.  Because if I can get three pairs of summer shoes that will hold up well all season for under-$100, you bet I’m going to do it.

Also, these styles come in wide widths for ladies who need the extra room.  I run 8.5 to 9, and I bought the 8.5s.  They fit well, but stretch a little with heavy wear.  Other than that, my sandals held up wonderfully year-to-year, I just want them to fit more snugly.

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  1. Laura says:

    Yay for supergoop mousse! I run outside in the summertime and it is the only sunscreen I have found that I do not sweat through. It sinks in quickly on my face and body and does not slough off or become a creamy, sweaty mess that gets into my eyes (like most sunscreens do).

    May 6, 2019/Reply
  2. Anna says:

    I reeeeeeally want to find the Universal Thread sandals in real leather. I bought them last year and love them, but the material isn’t the most comfortable or sturdy. I searched for something similar in Morocco, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. The style is so flattering for my wide feet.

    Also, not sure where it might be available, but I LOVED Mo Rocca’s tv show “My Grandmother’s Ravioli.” He went around the country to hang out with grandparents, learn to cook with them, and hear their stories. It used to be on the Cooking Channel. It just gave you the warm and fuzzies, and I loved their approach to food.

    May 6, 2019/Reply
  3. jj says:

    completely understand the frustration w partisanship – our republican governor refused to even consider a bill that would have implemented tougher restrictions on buying guns that the democratic leg attempted to pass in response to a series of mass shootings in my state. very sad when something that could’ve saved lives gets tangles in politics!

    May 6, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      On stuff like this, you have to constantly remind people that we agree more than we disagree and we could sit down and talk like people. If we can’t work it out, fine. But I shouldn’t send my bill off to committee, and have all the Democrats vote against it as a sneak attack. Are we supposed to be working together (or at least making an effort to) or aren’t we?

      May 6, 2019/Reply
  4. rebecca says:

    My family loves Supergoop, too. My husband and 7-year-old prefer the new mousse sunscreen, but I like both the mousse and the Everyday lotion.

    May 6, 2019/Reply
  5. jules says:

    Another great sunscreen option (if you ever are in the market) is the Elta MD brand. It goes on like a dream under makeup and it also has niacinamide in it, great for skin. It’s got both chemical and mineral filters.

    May 6, 2019/Reply
  6. Rachel says:

    As some of us have mentioned on the FB group, if you have an FSA account supergoop is an elgible product on fsastore.com and now amazon has an fsa section that also lets you use an FSA credit card and has supergoop!

    On the other stuff..ugh..and just one thing at a time.

    May 6, 2019/Reply
    • Kimberly says:

      Thank you for the info!

      May 7, 2019/Reply
  7. B says:

    Have you tried the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen? My skin is super sensitive, and it’s the first chemical sunscreen I’ve ever tried that doesn’t make me break out. It’s also got a lovely satiny-matte finish that goes under makeup great (though I only wear BB cream, can’t vouch for foundation).

    May 6, 2019/Reply
  8. Caitlin says:

    Whew girl! You sound super busy! I hope you’re able to table or delegate one or more of these things. Could Kyle help with the yard work or decorating? Best of luck!

    Also, FWIW, I really like Korean facial sunscreens because the whole Korean skincare industry is known to be fanatical about sun protection, so they’re usually heavy duty formulas in sheerer liquids. Klairs makes a great one, as do Missha and Nature’s Recipe.
    I need a good body one though so I’ll have to check out your mousse!

    May 7, 2019/Reply
  9. B says:

    I was excited to see that Supergoop now offers a mineral sunscreen, but when you actually read the ingredients it is both a chemical and a mineral sunscreen. Disappointed that they advertise it as a mineral sunscreen. I switched to mineral sunscreens after reading about how they kill coral reefs, and today I saw this article about how chemical sunscreens enter our bloodstreams after a single day of use (https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/06/health/sunscreen-bloodstream-fda-study/index.html). Currently using the Badger mineral sunscreens, but if anyone has recommendations for other true mineral sunscreens I’d be happy to hear them!

    May 7, 2019/Reply
    • MOnica T says:

      I have used both California Baby and Sun Bum mineral sunscreens. I like them because both make a fragrance free high-spf mineral product, and a zinc oxide stick for ears, nose cheeks etc.

      May 7, 2019/Reply
    • also B says:

      It’s pricey but I really like Murad’s city skin age defense sunscreen. It’s great for under makeup and has never given me the white/ghost tint that so many mineral sunscreens do.


      May 7, 2019/Reply
  10. Jenn S. says:

    The Lois crossband sandals are FANTASTIC. I bought them last year on your recommendation, miraculously did not wear them out. Target was running a sale recently so I grabbed another pair as a backup because I adore them. I wish they still made them in black because I’d love a pair of black ones, too.

    I ended up picking up a pair of leather Madewell sandals that looks like the inspiration piece or these – and I like the Target ones better, go figure.

    May 8, 2019/Reply