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Apr 11, 2019

It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined — Henry James

Hearing. How to be a better listener.

Puffed. This pleated-sleeve tee is a great buy at $18.

Fitted. Does your sports bra fit?  This is how you know.

Sleek. These Club Monaco heels are so perfect for a date night.

Anxious. Five Tips I Learned From My Therapist That Helped My Anxiety.

Coiffed. This Aquis towel is perfect for air-drying. And do.not.miss this pivoting curling iron from Kristin Ess.

Charred. How to protect your team from burnout.

Printed. This navy-and-white J.Crew maxi dress is so fun for summer.

Sober. Millennials are sick of drinking.

Toted. This beaded handle bag and blush-colored tote are great for summer.

Promoted. How to humblebrag through tough parts of an interview.

Relaxed. This drape-back Cuyana dress is great for the weekends.

Transmitted. Is your pregnancy app sharing your information?

Do you have multiple piercings?  I just have a single piercing in my ears (and a poorly considered navel ring that has long healed over), but I’ve been thinking about getting another.  When I was young, it was considered so scandalous to have more than two ear piercings or other piercings.  But now, it seems much more acceptable.

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  1. Meghan says:

    I only have one piercing in my lobe, but I have a tragus and a daith piercing as well. I feel more adventurous with ear piercings because they generally seem very understated unless you’re gauging your lobes. I want to get my conch done next, and maybe a high lobe.

  2. Ashley says:

    I got a second ear piercing in high school that has since grown in – but the marks on each earlobe remain. Sometimes I wonder if it would actually look better to re-pierce and wear a simple gold or diamond stud there? Anyone have any experience with that?

    • Amanda says:

      I thought my second piercings were long grown in, but I tried to put earrings through last week and they slid right through. Give it a shot, you might be surprised!

    • Amanda says:

      Also, it’s exceptionally easy to get them repierced. Just pleeeeeeeeeease go to a reputable piercer and not Claire’s or Piercing Pagoda. I got my holes repierced and it was the easiest process with very little pain and excellent healing time.

  3. Michelle says:

    I have 2 ear lobe piercings in each ear that are close to each other, and 3 cartilage piercings (two on one ear, only one on the other).

    In order to keep it professional and simple, I rarely do anything besides small diamonds or thin small hoops in the second ear lobe and cartilage piercings.

    I rarely wear make-up and for me, having a little bit more jewelry on makes me feel more presentable and put together.

  4. Tori Rosser says:

    On my left ear, I have 3 lobe piercings and two cartilage, on my right I have two lobe, tragus, and flat, and my nose. I keep the jewelry small and dainty, and no one in the conservative association I work for has had a problem- I’ve gotten some compliments actually! I think curating the jewelry is key. I was at the Texas Capitol lobbying the other week and staffers and interns definitely had a wide variety of ear/nose piercings.

  5. Stella says:

    I used to have 5 in one ear and 4 in the other. Started with one in each and then two in each and kept adding. Once I got to nine total piercings, however, I became “over it” and stopped wearing additional earrings so now I’m back down to one in each ear.

  6. NICOLE says:

    I have multiple ear piercings, and a small nose stud, work in a VERY casual law firm on the west coast, and no one has batted an eye. Like Michelle, I keep my jewelry pretty simple and wear minimal makeup, so this counts as “fancy”.

  7. sara says:

    I have my lobes pierced (and a second hole in one of them) along with my tragus and my nostril. I work in Seattle in casual settings, so it’s been fine. I wear very thin, gold hoops in both my tragus and my nostril and I forget about nose ring most of the time. Call it a luxury of living in Seattle!

  8. Jessica says:

    I used to have many but I’m down to two lobe piercings in each ear. My parents gave me a pair of small diamond studs for my 16th birthday, knowing that I wanted to get a 2nd lobe piercing. I did and I almost never take those earrings out. It’s a simple way to remember a really nice gift on the regular.

  9. CARRIE says:

    When I was in college, I had three piercings in each ear and a lower cartridge piercing, a bit like in your picture. I loved them at the time but as I got older, they began feeling at odds with how my personal style had evolved. That and it was a lot of work to constantly take them all on and off and sleeping in them was uncomfortable. But I had them for so long that I can always put in some earrings when I’m feeling a big edgier. That’s the beauty of ear piercings, they’re there when you want them, but subtle enough to be inconspicuous when you don’t want to wear them.

  10. Jenette A Morell says:

    I have three in each ear and keep the top two very small. If I want to wear more of a statement earring in my first hole, I’ll take out the very top.

    But what I’ve ventured into is visible tattoos. I have a few on my back and stomach, but last year I got a small, visible foot tattoo. I purposefully wanted it visible (but kind of hidden?) because it means a lot to me, and I wanted the words to be accessible no matter where or when I needed to see the message. Something has recently come over me to get a very small cross tattoo on the inside of the bottom joint of a finger, not even an inch long. I’m very excited about the idea. Even if they are seen, I’m not afraid to speak about them and how they help me push through small battles during the day.

  11. ChrIstine says:

    Piercing my ear cartilage was and has been my way of rebelling in a conservative office environment. In my first job on Wall Street after college I had multiple male managers say that it wasn’t a good look. The first week after I left I got another hole added. And when I turned 40 last year I got a rook as another rebellious move. Now every time I stop in London for work I add another piercing.

  12. Devon says:

    I have had lobe piercings basically my whole life. I had an eyebrow ring in college for about 5 minutes a decade ago, and recently got two piercings on the shell (called ‘flat’ piercings apparently) and one conch at the same time to minimize inconvenience (I sleep on my side). I love the look of multiple dainty little earrings.

    All of those recent piercings got infected and had to be removed. I learned that if you have dogs, and especially if you’re a stomach or side sleeper like I am, it’s difficult to keep new piercings adequately clean. Dogs have staph all over their fluffy little bodies all the time, and that’s a major cause of such infections.

    Gross, I know, but figured you might want the info too, since y’all have furry children too.

  13. Bri says:

    I have three in each lobe, my cartilage halfway up my right ear, and my nose. In college, I had a tragus one that I lost to a nasty infection and another on the top of my right ear that healed itself.

    Honestly though, for the past several years, I periodically put something in all of them to make sure they’re still there, but only actively wear one in each lobe. My current workplace is pretty low-key and I could easily get away with wearing more, but I haven’t bothered to invest in jewelry because I don’t know what type of firm I’m going to end up in once this job is over. Sadly, the Baltimore/DC market isn’t as casual as the west coast… *sigh*

  14. Anna says:

    I got a second piercing in both ears in middle school, and I know at least one of them has since closed. I’d use the second hole whenever I wanted to wear heavy earrings, since it was slightly further up, and I have a fear of ending up ending up with stretched out ear lobes, but after the novelty of having a second piercing wore off, I rarely even bothered to use it. It doesn’t look bad or anything. It’s hardly noticeable.

  15. Amanda K. says:

    If I recall correctly, you have been considering another ear piercing for a while! Seems like you really want it! I say go for it.

    Also the article about millennial drinking is so true! I took a break away from alcohol for about 4 months to kind of re-define my relationship with it and friends were supportive. I was also pleasantly surprised during a trip to NY that a bar was selling drinks with CBD. Sign me up!

  16. JTM says:

    I have 5 holes in each ear, but I haven’t wore earrings in the top 4 in years so I think they are all closed now. I got them in my teen years, because my parents wouldn’t let me pierce my eyebrow but they would gladly let me go to Claire’s to get more holes in my ears.

  17. Em says:

    I had only one in each lobe for nearly 20 years – but got 2nd lobes and a helix recently. I’m contemplating adding more and plan to invest in more quality earrings (my newer piercings tend to be more sensitive). Unlike a tattoo, I like the option to just not wear earrings if needed. I also have to echo other commenters’ recommendations to go to a legit piercing place to get them done (thoughtful placement and nearly painless).

    Curious about people’s thoughts on third lobe piercings!

  18. Allison says:

    Thanks so much for the information on Ovia. Their privacy terms say they don’t sell user data, which apparently is false. Interesting article on Millennials drinking less, I’m pregnant and I’ve been surprised by my non-pregnant friends using my pregnancy as an opportunity to also drink less. It’s great for me, I feel less alone, and I really didn’t expect this. We make mocktails together and have been trying out booze free options like curious elixirs, my friends are mixing that in with their usual alcoholic drinks to feel better and drink less overall. Don’t get me wrong, when this baby is born, I’m going to be thrilled to have a beer, but it’s been an interesting experience!

  19. CaseyJ says:

    I have never been able to get my ear lobes to stay pierced – even as a child they were painful and grew over. I do have an industrial piercing which I love, I did have the migraine piercing too years ago. I also have small tattoos on my inner fingers. No one has ever noticed them.

  20. SC says:

    I have 2 in my left ear and 1 in the right — I wish I had at least 2 more, including one of those cool cartilage piercings. My workplace isn’t super-formal and my unusual haircut probably draws more attention than ear piercings anyway. 🙂

  21. Margaret says:

    Check out my personal favorite Maria Tash for jewelry and inspiration.

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