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The Range: Pearl Drop Earrings

I used to hate pearls.  I found them fussy and prim.  But then, I discovered a pair of pearl drop earrings that totally changed my mind.  Now, I love wearing modern pearl earrings.

Corner Office

Chan Luu Gold Plated Earrings ($125)

Cubicle Farm

Shashi Jasmin Earrings ($54)

Front Desk

Alfani Bar Pearl Earrings ($16.52 with code SPRING)

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  1. Jlo says:

    I wore pearl drop earrings to my beach wedding in Japan! Pearls are very popular here and fit with the delicate Japanese jewelry aesthetic. If it’s possible to order abroad, I recommend the brand Agete (http://www.agete.com) for the “corner office” category. Of course, Japanese brand “Mikimoto” is famous for its pearls, but very pricey.

    Thanks for providing options, Abra!

    March 27, 2019/Reply
    • shanghai says:

      Gosh, those Agete earrings are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. I too love pearl drops. I always liked classic pearls (I am originally from the south, so it’s in my blood…), but I’m excited to see how many designers are modernizing them. Fun to have both.

      March 29, 2019/Reply
  2. Shannon says:

    I used to feel the same about prim pearls…but have lately veered toward their classic look. I love those hoops and bars drops. However, I’m tired of buying items like this where the finish comes off in about 3 months. I wish Tiffany would create modern classic pieces like this. Of course, they would be $$$ but you’d have them forever, which to me, is the point of “classic”.

    March 29, 2019/Reply