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The Range: Puff-Sleeve Sweaters

Maybe it’s a lingering nostalgia for Anne of Green Gables, but I love a puff sleeve.  They’re a little bit dramatic and very feminine.  Here are a few sweaters that have a little something extra.

Corner Office

CO Merino Wool Sweater ($595)

Cubicle Farm

White + Warren Crewneck Sweater ($195)

Front Desk

Treasure & Bond Puff Sleeve Pullover ($69)


Sejour Puff Sleeve Sweater ($49)

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  1. Magic Dragon says:

    These are all very different kinds of puff sleeves to me – do they have different names or styles or we just have to use our discretions and buy and return carefully?

    February 11, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Shoulder puffs are sometimes called shoulder pleats. The fuller sleeves are often called balloon sleeves.

      February 11, 2019/Reply