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Gift Guide: Office Secret Santa Gifts

Does your office do a Secret Santa giveaway?  It can be so difficult to find fun, affordable gifts that almost anyone would enjoy. Here are a few stores where you can go hunting (all gifts under-$25).

Urban Outfitters always has a selection of funny, impractical gifts on hand.  Their stocking stuffers section and $15-under section is the best place to start for something a bit off the wall.

BUQU Pineapple Portable Power Bank ($20)

Who hasn’t found themselves in a situation when they needed a charge?  These inexpensive power banks are a nice gift for people who might need some juice in a meeting or a backup option when traveling.

Sriracha To-Go ($8)

Just a funny little gift that might prove useful.  I received this in a round robin giveaway a few years ago, tossed it in my desk and ended up using all of it on bland Longworth Cafeteria lunches.

Etsy is another good place to shop. However, it can be a bit of a treasure hunt, so I would start in their gifts section.  If you find something you like out of your price range, you can usually find a cheaper copy.

Original Matchstick Bottle ($24, strike etched on bottom)

Copy Matchstick bottle ($10, paper strike printed on label)

A good gift when you don’t know what to buy someone.  It’s chic, goes with any decor, and you can always use matches.  Plus, if they don’t use it, it’s one of the best re-gifts out there.

Custom State Address Stamp ($24)

Self-Inking Address Stamp ($8)

To give this gift just give a printout of the photo and wait until you know the winner to order it.  But I like the address stamp better than business card holders for an office gift.  It is practical and jazzes up thank you notes or holiday cards.

Amazon is my stop for most hard-to-shop for gifts.  You can really find anything in their Gift Finder section.  And if you can’t, no one has ever said no to an Amazon gift card.

Defrosting Tray ($19)

Seen on TV infomercial gifts make surprisingly good presents for an office party.  I got a Shake Weight a few years ago and thought it was a fun idea.  Everyone has seen the commercials, and the novelty of the gifts is always good for a laugh.  This Pet Lint Remover Brush also caught my eye.

Double Braided 6-ft long Lightning Cable ($12)

These extra long lightning cables are a great gift if your office hands out iPhones.  They extend your reach when charging in hotels, conference rooms, etc.  They also make Micro USB cables for Android users.

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  1. Crystal says:

    The Container Store often has cute stocking stuffers, too! Charging cables and organizers, bacon grease containers, password keepers, selfie lights — all sorts of small and fun/useful things.

    November 20, 2018/Reply
    • Monica T says:

      Second this! They are my go to for cute. small but ultimately practical gifts!

      November 20, 2018/Reply