Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 55

The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. — John C. Maxwell

Shhh. How being underestimated made these women more successful.

Hauled. This cool backpack holds a 15″ laptop and costs just $89.

Tick-Tock. Becoming a “Time Realist” Was Annoying, but Enlightening.

Dressed. $29 Sweater + $19 Skirt + $16 Navy Earrings + $9 Tights + $27 Bootie = $100 for a better-than business casual outfit.

Roar. The one piece of advice women need most about their careers isn’t about their job.

Saved. Extra-50% off at Outnet’s Mid-season Sale. Lots of cool sunglasses.

Adorned. Chico’s has the best affordable jewelry. I love this $19 beaded necklace.

Ahh. What is an informational interview?  And what should you ask your interviewer?

Painted. Sephora’s holiday gifts are out. Get them while they’re hot!

Splish-Splash. How long you should be washing your face for a real clean.

Grown. Did you know you can buy succulents (and cool pots to put them in) on Amazon?

Ch-Ching. Women aren’t convinced the economy is red hot. #notimpressed

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  1. MOnica T says:

    On being underestimated: I work in a field of IT where there aren’t many women. I have to give most people props for not being surprised when I’m darn good at it, but I have been to a few conferences as presenter or booth staff where I got the “Do you really work there?” questions or the raised eyebrow condescension as if they are thinking “what could this girl possibly tell me that I haven’t already thought of?”. When their jaws dropped I will tell you I felt what those women felt, they had underestimated me and they had been wrong to do so. For the most part, they accepted it gracefully and hopefully learned an important life lesson and something about FCoE.

    On being a time optimist: What a great phrase! In my personal life I am a time realist in that I know I cannot get much done with a 5-year-old in the house. But at work I am a time optimist and often look at the clock or the calendar and wonder to myself “where did the morning / day / week go??” there was so much more I thought I could get done. Fascinating!

    October 29, 2018/Reply
  2. TT says:

    I love the $100 outfit suggestion. However, multiple shipping fees add up. Do you have tricks to avoid them? Consider posting outfits from one retailer to avoid extra shipping fees.

    October 31, 2018/Reply