Commute: No. 18

Feb 20, 2018

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt


Taking It Easy. Why a quest for convenience is making all of our decisions for us.

Kick It Up. Every blogger I know is eagerly awaiting Everlane’s slingback flats.  Get on the waitlist.

Loving It. Success tips from people who really love their jobs.  And 10 things you can do if you hate your job.

Top It Off. ASOS has the best fashion-forward coats for spring.  This dotted coat, long navy trench, and dusty rose trench all look amazing.

Un-silence It. All 50 attorneys general (most of them Republicans) are demanding an end to forced arbitration for sexual harassment cases.

Wear It Well. WhoWhatWear for Target’s spring collection is out.  I need this belted work jacket and this casual Friday striped dress.  Also, most of their pieces come in plus-size.

Team Spirit. Need an icebreaker?  These 25 questions can get you started.

Sell It. Nordstrom’s 40%-off sale is on.  This floral-printed wrap blouse caught my eye.

Sweat It Out. The NYT mourns the death of sweatpants.  Their argument?  That women shouldn’t feel like they have to look “hot” while working out.

Back It Up. Whoa. Total Britney, K-Fed wedding flashbacks.

What I’m Eating. Literally nothing. Sarah and I ate nothing but poutine and meat in Montreal.  I need a food break.

What I’m Wearing. This head wrap.  I’m trying to grow my bangs out, and I’ve got to keep them off my face.

What I’m Watching. The Olympics. Read this article on how the real Olympics doesn’t begin until the last man crosses the finish line.

What I’m Loving. Giving this Aesop lotion/soap set to a friend who just rented her first solo apartment.


Workday Reading

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  1. B says:

    I couldn’t disagree more with the NYT sweatpants article. I fully support her not wanting to be judged on her sweatpants, so she can stop judging my choice to wear leggings (especially as a size 14, thanks for making backhanded comments about seeing every dimple on the over-30 crowd). We’re at the gym, why are you looking and who cares? You can pry my uber-comfortable, supportive high-waisted leggings that never budge, bunch up or threaten to fall down out of my cold dead hands. Frankly, I don’t need to suffer under the tyranny of bunchy, flapping material, unflattering low-rises in overly hot fabric, or anything with a hint of cotton that takes hours to dry and makes my sweat stand out for the world to see. Some of my favorite pairs are from Old Navy, so this has nothing to do with cost. Technology has improved, I’m embracing it. And her point about studio classes is inane, I go to classes because I push myself harder and feel more focused when I’m being led by a good instructor.

    • L says:

      Seconded. Sweatpants are/were warm-ups. They are not for actually working out. I still own my college sweats and wear them around the house but the idea of doing yoga or running in non-breathable oversized sweats seems so uncomfortable. By all means, wear what you want but don’t judge people who are doing something differently than you and understand that different pieces of clothes have different functions.

      • SC says:

        Thirded! Actual sweatpants are bulky and hot and don’t breathe. My primary exercises are rowing, cycling, and running, and I cannot imagine the chafing that would occur from doing these in sweatpants. My sweats have one purpose, and that is keeping me warm when I’m sick and/or puttering around at home.

    • Anna says:

      I read that article, or at least as much as I could tolerate, this weekend, and it just made my blood boil. First of all, I find leggings more functional. They allow for more range of movement, I don’t have to constantly tug and adjust them, and they breathe better. Does the author need to be reminded that in the 80s women wore lycra thong body suits over leggings to the gym? Sweatpants aren’t meant to exercise in, they’re meant to warm up before an actual workout or to keep your muscles warm while doing resistance training….unless your goal is dehydration that is. I can’t imagine what kind of chaffing I’d get if I went for a run in a pair of sweatpants. I did the flared or straight leg exercise pants for a while, but frankly, leggings are more flattering and more comfortable. They make me feel good. If the author feels good in sweats, good for her, but who is she to judge what women should and shouldn’t wear at the gym? Also, yoga pants are worn in yoga so that instructors can see your form better and make proper adjustments, duh.

  2. Monica T says:

    While I’m surprised by how ubiquitous leggings are for not working out, I think that all women have a right to wear what they want if that’s what they’re comfortable in. Women feel better in clothes THEY LIKE. And I think this concept that there is some bell curve of beauty and only the top 20% are allowed to be seen lest our eyeballs be seared is ridiculous. I imagine the industries that keep us buying products by making us self-conscious are behind a great deal of our insecurities. Leggings for working out are great, leggings for hanging out at home are great, leggings if you have a “perfect” butt are great, leggings for if you don’t…also great!

  3. C says:

    I think I read the article a little differently from other commenters here. I got Belle’s point from it- there shouldn’t be pressure to look hot while exercising. If I want to wear leggings and a tank top to the gym because I hate any fabric on my arms while working out and like the freedom of motion from leggings, ok. But if I’m wearing the leggings and tank top because I feel like I have to meet a certain beauty standard even at the gym, then there’s a problem.

    • B says:

      I agree with what you’re saying, no one should feel pressured to look hot or wear certain clothes in order to go to the gym and exercise. What irked me about the article is the tone of the author’s disdain for women who wear leggings and attend studio classes, while it seems she has once never attended a yoga or other studio class or tried to do it wearing her almighty sweatpants. To me, it’s choosing the best tool for you for the job. I cycle 100 miles-a-weekend regularly and wouldn’t dream of not wearing full kit (yes, that’s a skin-tight jersey and padded shorts), both for aerodynamics and comfort. It’s sort of the inside joke of the cycling community that off-bike, everyone looks absurd in kit, but performance and comfort are king.

      • Anna says:

        I agree. What I disliked most was the tone of the article. It seemed like she was painting all leggings wearers with the same superficial brush. (I type as I’m about to change into my color coordinated hot pink gym outfit with mesh cutout leggings cuz they’re damn cute and make me feel awesome!).

        • S says:

          Hmmm. I see your point. But I think a big part of her complaint is with the companies selling the clothes/markets, not the women wearing the clothes. That was the authors’ point about the ubiquitous mesh cutouts I thought. Author is using sarcasm, but i’d guess she sees a break down between what women do/should want and what the companies provide. Reminds me of Marx and the ‘semblance of choice’ critique (probably intentional on authors part).. It’s been awhile but if I remember correctly, the idea is that capitalism often gives us a choice (to choose from among the cutout leggings sold by companies) that is actually no choice (cutout leggings are your only choice – we are lured in by thinking we choose them only to find ourselves unhappy once we have them bc we didn’t actually want them).

      • Allison says:

        I thought she was trying to be funny. “It’s not good manners for women to tell other women how to dress; that’s the job of male fashion photographers.” I mean come on that’s gold! I definitely laughed out loud.

    • JD says:

      I second this, that’s how I took the article too. I don’t wear sweatpants to the gym and happily wear leggings that I feel good in, but I don’t want to feel like I have to look perfect or cute or hot or whatever, I’m not there for a show. The other week I was in the gym and woman on treadmill next to me took about 20 selfies in an effort to ensure she got the perfect face angle and perfect hair position for her shot. she was walking at about 2 Miles an hour, not sure what she was trying to demonstrate with the pic other than “I look cute.” In the time she spent re positioning her phone and looking at herself and fussing with her hair she could have gotten an actual workout, and yes, I am judging why people feel the need to take selfies on the treadmill.

  4. KLeigh says:

    I feel like I’m the only woman left on the planet who works out in shorts …

    • Sheena says:

      Raises hand! I still wear shorts, but not while doing legs. I don’t like doing squats in shorts.

    • Denise says:

      I live in Houston and run in shorts 95% of the time. Gym, outside, doesn’t matter, always in shorts. I own one pair of running tights and that’s for when I travel to Munich / Chicago / New Jersey. Leggings drive me nuts when I run! Unfortunately now that I’m sidelined with an injury and am taking studio classes I’ve had to find workout tights and I’m baffled by the selections and price points available. Second mortgage!!!

      • Anna says:

        I either buy Nike leggings from their outlet or if I find some online, but I’ve recently started acquiring 90 degrees by reflex high rise leggings. $16-$18 from TJMaxx or Amazon and really flattering and good quality. Some of the colors are scratchy, so I’ve returned those but I have some that are about Zella quality.

      • Kate Pilbeam says:

        Oh how I WISH I could wear shorts while running! Sadly for me, chub rub means that I am relegated to capris.

        If you are a fan of Under Armour gear, I’d recommend signing up for MapMyRun. The company bought the app, and for every milestone I hit, they send me a $40 off $100 worth of gear coupon. (I seriously have 6 sitting in my inbox right now).

        I also love for last season’s Nike/New Balance/Under Armour gear – I’ve gotten a lot of steals there!

        Lastly, if you happen to be a smaller size, try kids sizing! I am normally a small in Nike tights/capris, and a girls XL fits the same and is often a good deal cheaper (I’m also 5’2″, so the length isn’t an issue). A friend of mine exclusively buys kids workout gear/sneakers and saves a bundle.

    • Anna says:

      I used to be you, but as most of my workouts have moved indoors, shorts have become more of a nuisance. I’d rather deal with the occasional vag sweat than flashing my fellow gym goers when I squat or stretch or even just sit on a weight bench (oh and forget hip thrusts in shorts….eek!). I’ll still run outside in shorts though.

  5. Sigrid says:

    Sweatpants are WAY too hot – by which I mean temperature – to work out in. Does she think women don’t break a sweat when they workout? I don’t wear leggings because I care how I look when I work out, I wear them because they have good temperature regulation and so I don’t bang up my legs when I deadlift.

  6. Jennie says:

    Found the yoga pants article a tad silly. Probably missing the point and thought it was going to warn about health issues that can arise from wearing tight fitting pants. Couldn’t the same argument be made about skinny jeans? There’s no real function for skinny jeans (unless you’re tucking into boots or something), whereas yoga pants were designed for yoga. I agree that women shouldn’t feel pressured or shamed to look sexy, but who cares if I put more effort into my appearance and wear a “push-up sports bra” and leggings to Pilates? I even wear tinted lip balm, the horror.

    Also, someone making a comment to me about my yoga pants, that might make me pause for a second, but feeling this way after a few women gave me “funny” looks? No way. Here to workout. Don’t have time for that nonsense.

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