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The Commute: No. 9

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas Edison

Eternal Flame. Do you ever feel like you’re burning out?  Working too much, sleeping too little, never getting a break?  Oh, almost all the time, me too.  Girlboss has eight ways to beat the black hole of burnout.

Drape Yourself in Velvet. Okay, maybe just your feet with these uber cute pink Marc Fisher pumps.

Lead the Way. Does your resume show what a badass you are?  Not so much?  BossedUp tells you how to show off your leadership skills with your resume.

Cold as Ice. Need sweaters?  This light purple pullover, diamond stitch ivory turtleneck, and this Parisian Talbot’s cardigan are all lovely and under-$75.  Plus-size?  This ruffle sleeve sweater is trendy fun.

Out on a Wire. Justin Fenton is a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, and he’s covering the trial of two cops accused of turning a police task force into a criminal enterprise.  His tweets and reporting sound like the plot of a TV show.

Popping Off. This cobalt blue necklace is the $24 burst of color your wardrobe needs.

Blending Bank Accounts.  Are you coupled up?  Have you had the money talk, yet?  If not, here’s everything you need to know about talking to your partner about money.

Game, Blouses. Need work tops for casual Friday?  Try this appliqué sweatshirt from Pleione, this NYDJ printed henley, or (for a splurge) this See by Chloe lace sleeve top.

Ending is Beginning.  The key to a good workweek is a stress-free weekend.  Camille Styles shares tips on how to make the most of your days off.

Don’t Give Me Lip. I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Matte Lipgloss.  I just need to find a store where I can try all the colors in person.

If You Only Read One Thing. Make it this NYT article about the 5.3 million Americans living in “absolute poverty.”  What does that mean?  They struggle to get buy on just $4 a day.  That’s only $1,460 per year.  This article is a must read for anyone who thinks there are no truly poor people in America, since there are more of them in America than there are in Sierra Leone.

What I Binged. The Missing Richard Simmons podcast.  Thought it was going to be silly, it was completely engrossing and so interesting.

What I Ate. Because he kept talking about it on the podcast, I ended up making this Tofu, Spinach, Sesame Stir Fry, though I subbed the tofu for chicken.

What I Bought. This Not Your Mother’s heat protecting spray and blow-dry accelerator.  My hair hasn’t looked this healthy and shiny in years.  (I also add a touch of this Oribe Supershine cream.)  I’m telling you, glossy and smooth

What I Avoided. Sleeping. Insomnia is killing me.  I’m actually thinking about starting a podcast and newsletter called The Insomnia Diaries: Everything I Think About (and Read) When I Should Be Sleeping.

My photo of the week is from my friend Sarah.  This photo was taken in the lobby of La Guarida, a restaurant in Havana, Cuba.

We were there over a year ago, and I still haven’t fully processed that trip.  It was my first time overseas, and Cuba was so overwhelming for me.  But when you go somewhere that is so completely different from where you live, and so totally different than what you thought it would be, it takes a while to put it all together.

Cuba is like remembering the end of a good dream.  Just when you think you know what you saw, it slips away from you.

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  1. Julie Bogen says:

    Love the idea of compiling all the things you are thinking about when you should be sleeping! (Though in my social-media-editor-opinion would make a better Tumblr than a podcast!)

    January 26, 2018/Reply
  2. ohraq says:

    I am excited at the prospect of a podcast from you! I love the work edit and think its smart not to stray from the great content you already have here, but I always love your instastories and tweets so I’d love to hear your thoughts more long-form on a variety of topics!

    also- love this “Cuba is like remembering the end of a good dream. Just when you think you know what you saw, it slips away from you.”

    January 26, 2018/Reply
  3. Susan says:

    When you are in DC, Nordstrom Tyson’s has the Charlotte Tilbury collection.

    January 26, 2018/Reply
    • Yael @ nosherium says:

      If you find yourself in the Seattle area, the Bellevue Square Nordstrom has all the Charlotte Tillbury you can handle.

      January 26, 2018/Reply
  4. Jennie Maria says:

    Thank you for sharing the burnout article. My younger sister is in her first professional job after college and she’s been experiencing some severe burnout. I’ve been worried about her. She’s taken some of the outlined steps already, but I think she’s been putting an immense amount of pressure on herself to figure it all out on her own. I hope this helps her see that it’s more prevalent than she realizes and that she’s not alone.

    January 26, 2018/Reply