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The Commute: No. 2

“We used to say, in the suffrage movement, that we could trust the woman who believed in suffrage, but we could never trust the woman who just wanted to vote.” — Jeannette Rankin

It Can Wait. Are you a procrastinator? Learn how to stop delaying with 6 Scientifically Proven Wats to Beat Procrastination.

Pair It Up. This affordable Talbot’s statement necklace with a simple black sweater, understated perfection for any workplace dress code.

(Net)Work-It. Most of us hate the word networking.  How do we do it, and do it well?  How do we get over the stress of asking people for things?  A woman who loves networking (yeah, she cray) answers all your questions to make 2018 the year you learn how to network.

Film Noir. I got a sample of this Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara in a Sephora order, and whoa.  It separates and lengthens like a dream.  I layer it with a coat of Armani Eyes to Kill for the boldest lashes of my life.

Loathsome Chit-Chat. Working in politics involves a lot of small talk, before meetings, at fundraisers, etc..  It’s maddening.  The CEO of Bumble created a small talk formula to help make chit-chat less uncomfortable.

Something Extra. I love pieces that are a little different.  This BCBG top with sheer trim, this rust-colored Endless Rose blouse, and this JOA mock-neck dress all caught my eye.  Did I mention they’re all under-$80?

What I’m Baking. Scallion Pancake Challah Bread.

What I’m Listening To. Million$, a podcast featuring self-made women.

What I’m Reading. Fire and Fury.  All of D.C. is reading it.





  1. terri says:

    excellent quote

    January 9, 2018/Reply
  2. Roons says:

    Currently procrastinating reading your blog, only to be busted immediately. Will give the tips a shot, especially #2. Thank you.

    January 10, 2018/Reply
  3. Niki says:

    Ha! I also love networking. I love talking to people and learning about who they are and what they do, and making small town name game connections. I have become very good at removing myself from unfortunate conversations without offending the person, which IMO is key!

    January 10, 2018/Reply
    • Belle says:

      You should teach a class on that skill. “Oh you’re wife left you for another woman and now your kids ask you why…” (Conversation I actually had a fundraiser.)

      January 10, 2018/Reply
      • Niki says:

        Jokingly, kind of, “I hope you got them a good therapist! Let me refill this for you.” And then get caught in another convo on the way to the bar 🙂

        January 10, 2018/Reply