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Ask the Edit: Cozy Sweaters for Winter

Hi Belle,

It’s freezing in New York.  I’ve never been so cold; my Florida blood is not ready for this.  All I want is a bunch of a warm, chunky sweaters to get me through this nightmare.  Please help me stay warm.


I remember my first cold winter in D.C..  The wet cold is a vastly different thing than the dry cold that I’m used to in Montana.  So I’m not sure I would fare any better than a Floridian in the chilly Northeast.

If it’s casual sweaters you’re after, this affordable lace-up cardigan is a lot of fun.  This beige Uniqlo sweater is a steal for $20.  This red Azalea turtleneck is just a dream.  If I had to choose one for myself, this Volcom Snooders Sweater looks like a warm hug.

Plus-size? Try this Elvi funnel neck sweater and this Land’s End cable-cardigan.  Petite?  This Vince Camuto chunky cable sweater is phenomenal, as is this ASOS chunky cardi.  Maternity?  Try this Boohoo stripe Evelyn jumper and this chunky shawl collar cardi.

Need professional sweaters?  The ASOS ultimate chunky cardigan would look great with a grey blouse and pencil skirt.  I love the wave ribbing on this Berschka chunky sweater.  The puff sleeve on this BP. sweater would be cool with a trouser for casual Friday.  This Madewell long waffle coat would look great over a sheath dress.

Plus-size?  This sweater with pearl beading is fun.  Petite?  The ASOS ultimate chunky cardigan also comes in petite.  Maternity?  This Ingrid and Isabel cowlneck is the perfect mix of work and play.

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  1. ANNA says:

    As a cold blooded, Boston-born, winter hater- real wool and cashmere are game changers. They keep you so.much.warmer. I also like layering a thick cotton (petit bateau are my personal favs) t-shirt under my blouse/sweater. Just my 2 cents….

    January 3, 2018/Reply
    • ERin says:

      Seconding the wool/cashmere as game changer. I’ve basically stopped buying sweaters with over half acrylic/rayon/polyester etc.

      Uniqlo has some more affordable wool sweaters, and I’ve also bought some nice ones from Boden and Talbots. Neiman Marcus usually has some cashmere on sale this time of year. Also Uniqlo’s Heattech undershirts under a wool sweater as a double warm combo that I pretty much wear every day in the winter. And I wear them under lighter blouses in teh fall:)

      January 3, 2018/Reply
      • J says:

        +1 on uniqlo heattech undershirts. i originally bought a few to wear for running during the winter, and they work so well i now wear as undershirts from Dec – Feb.

        non-sequitur – anyone else think “snow bomb” is a little inapprops in the current political climate? do we have to weaponize even the weather? or am i just being a ‘snowflake’?

        January 3, 2018/Reply
        • Norcalgal says:

          +1 for Uniqlo heattech undershirt with cashmere sweater. Agreee that cashmere is s total game changer

          January 3, 2018/Reply
          • Amy says:

            Love all the recommendations for Uniqlo undershirts! I’ve been looking for a way to not have to constantly wash my cashmere and also give it an added boost of warmth during frigid Minnesota winters. I’ve never purchased anything from Uniqlo – how do they run for sizing? Looking at their size charts, I’m assuming they run a bit small compared to most US brands? Thanks for the recommendation!

            January 4, 2018/Reply
            • Elizabeth says:

              I have a couple of them. I generally wear an 8, but am a 34DD. I can wear a medium undershirt, but it is too clingy to wear alone.

              January 4, 2018/Reply
    • Sarah says:

      I know everyone loves wool but I have an allergy and can’t wear anything with even 2% wool in it! I wish more cute sweaters came in cotton only.

      January 3, 2018/Reply
  2. Sara says:

    Everlane’s cashmere game is strong, and I wear their sweaters all winter. They have many cotton versions too if that’s what you’re after.

    January 3, 2018/Reply
  3. Devon says:

    Also try layering long underwear, like Uniqlo’s heattech, under your sweaters. It helps block the wind that can come through the knit and helps trap more heat. It helps a lot!

    January 3, 2018/Reply
    • Devon says:

      Blergh and I didn’t read the comments first…so I guess a +1 on the uniqlo long underwear 🙂

      January 3, 2018/Reply