Workday Reading

The Commute: October 19, 2017

Quote of the Day.

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

The Top Story.

Sexual assault won’t be solved by making survivors do all the work. (Elle)

#metoo #itsnotokay #yesallwomen We keep drawing attention to a serious problem, and then, it fades.  We still talk about “the number of women who were raped, instead of the number of men who raped women.”  It’s enough to make a woman super cynical.




Daily Reads and Links.

1) Shopping Alert: A machine washable merino sweater in 12 colors.

2) Are you building up a caffeine tolerance? (Well + Good)

3) Need a work satchel for under-$150? A ladylike blush bag and a cool taupe one.

4) How to deal with a know-it-all at work. (Shondaland)

5) Topshop Musts: A mohair cardigan, a pink coat, a modern floral blouse.

6) What to do if you’re struggling at your new job. (Moneyish)

7) I am loving this Faye Dunaway-style beret for my winter hat.

8) How important is sex in relationships? (Man Repeller)

The Daily Ws.

What I’m Searching. 26 dinners with 5 ingredients or less.

What I’m Gifting. My new go-to family gift is Amazon Prime subscriptions.

What I’m Watching. The Man in the High Castle.  Finally.

Instagram of the Day.

I love Laura Fantacci’s Instagram, and her magazine Wardrobe Icons.  It’s everything you love about UK fashion with a bit of bohemian, Italian flare.  It’s the best.



  1. heatherskib says:

    If you want 5 ingredients or less you should follow

    October 19, 2017/Reply
  2. Niki says:

    WaPo had a piece about the woman who started Me Too 10 years ago, and she noted that while this hashtag visibility is good, it won’t make a difference unless we do the work afterwards and on a continuing basis as she has been doing in communities of marginalized populations.

    The other thing that I think is very important, scary, but important, is for those women who are willing – start naming names. My rapist has a Wikipedia page and is known in the DMV area in the sports industry. I called him out by name and posted a link to his Wikipedia page on my Facebook page yesterday. I realize that I have certain privileges that allow me to do this without fear for my live or well-being, but it was a bit nerve-wracking regardless. I am really glad I did it, however. I realize that not every woman can do this without risking her safety, livelihood, etc., and I would never push anyone to do it. I do hope though that where a woman can without endangering herself further, she will.

    October 20, 2017/Reply
    • Niki says:

      I do want to add that I agree that survivors should not have to do the work. 100% I would never ever push a survivor to do it. I will commit myself, and ONLY myself, to doing work because I can do it, stay safe, keep my job, etc. I will work to make perpetrators and men in general do work too.

      October 20, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I saw that. It was a great article.

      October 20, 2017/Reply