Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: August 16, 2017

What to do in tricky office situations, cheap Nordstrom finds, and anti-aging is a bad word at Allure.


1) When to speak up in tricky office situations. (Career Contessa via. C&C)

2) This Tahari ASL suit adds a bit of zing to the basic black skirt suit.

3) Beauty mag drops term “anti-aging”  due to stigma about growing older. (Allure)

4) Under-$75 at Nordstrom: a ruffle-sleeve top, a going-out top, a long cardigan.

5) Ask a Boss: I hate my new employee. (The Cut)

6) Celine Dion makes bags now? And they’re actually awesome?

7) Send the Breast Pump with the Defense Attache. (NYTimes)

8) New from M&S: a wide stripe tee, a fluted skirt, a red bell sleeve sweater.

9) Meet the winners of the 2017 Real Women Style Awards. (Redbook)

10) A lipstick that goes on clear then turns into your perfect hue. Very cool.

11) True stories from a Plaza Hotel butler. (Time)

12) Earrings for work (Kate Spade abalone studs) and for play (Madewell enamel drops).


What Sounds Like Good News. Saving the Earth’s Ozone Layer Went Better Than Expected.

What I’m Reading. The Heart’s Invisible Furies.

What I’m Posting to Instagram. This adorable bow-strap H&M dress, seen here.

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