Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: May 8, 2017


1) Quick mental shifts that improve productivity. (Levo)

2) Need a grad gift? A refillable personalized leather notebook is my favorite.

3) The right way to wash your hair; yes, there is one. (NYTimes)

4) This Club Monaco Vancy Dress is perfect for work.  As is this tie-cuff jacket.

5) My male colleague makes more, how do I talk to my boss about it. (

6) Mango Summer Musts: a darling white shift, a ruffled top, and a red tweed jacket.

7) Staple prints and colors that go with everything in your wardrobe. (Verily)

8) The drama of this striped BR bow blouse has me like whoa.

9) Ways to keep your personal life out of your office. (Career Contessa)

10) Plus-size Ladies: Check out Amazon’s new plus shop.  Love this wrap dress.

11) Men shouldn’t refuse to be alone with female colleagues. (HBR)

12) Two Great Target Buys: A diamond dot tray and these prints featured on my Insta.

13) Yellen: To grow the economy, make it easier for women to work. (NYTimes)


Thing I’m Curious About. Whether this lip-plumping device really works.

What I’m Waiting to Watch. The Keepers. Netflix’s next true-crime sensation.

What I’m Listening To. Sam Cooke, Bring It On Home to Me.

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  1. Casey says:

    Quick question — it looks like the link you posted to the leather journal leads to the Club Monaco dress featured later. Can you repost the link? I’ve been looking for a great personalized journal for ages!

    May 8, 2017/Reply
  2. Lauren says:

    Hi Belle, I was going to check out the personalized leather notebook, but the link is for the Club Monaco dress. Thanks for the recommendation!

    May 8, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

      May 8, 2017/Reply
      • Alison says:

        Also, the link for the tie cuff jacket also points to the CM dress.

        May 8, 2017/Reply
        • Belle says:

          A banner number of mistakes indeed, fixed.

          May 9, 2017/Reply
  3. Monica T says:

    Love the article on the “Billy Graham rule.” Working in IT, if I couldn’t work with men one on one, I wouldn’t be working with anybody. The truth is your team become like brothers to you and you can be tight-knit without worrying about it. I agree that it makes men look like they have no control over their bodily urges especially when most of the women they are working with probably have 0% interest in them. There is a time and a place for everything guys!

    May 8, 2017/Reply
    • Jenn S. says:

      Yes x2000 to this. I am one of two women in a department of 22. My gentleman colleagues, thankfully, do not adhere to such silly arbitrary rules because they are adults, they are professionals, and they have fully functional brains. Graham, the VP, etc are betraying their own uncertainty of being able to behave like a damned adult who knows right vs. wrong, who is capable of restraint, etc.

      May 8, 2017/Reply
  4. Pam says:

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE hbr article, it was a great read!

    May 8, 2017/Reply
  5. S says:

    #13 (and #11 from May 4th). I’m not buying it. As Michelle Obama said when Oprah Winfrey interviewed her for NextGenerationOfWomen “I tried part time…because I thought I have to figure this out; I have to pick up the kids…Only thing I found out from part time is that you get paid part time.”

    The policies we need to be talking about aren’t the policies that enable women to take more and more time, but policies that enable men to take time and be equal partners in things like taking care of kids and caring for aging parents. And the culture needs to change so more men will take the time actually given to them.

    Of course, I’m coming at these issues from a professional women perspective. Yes, we MUST get maternity leave up for the working class and quality childcare costs down for the working class, but I’m not sure we professional women need more than what they already have – giving professional women much more is just an excuse for many husbands/fathers/sons to “let the women handle it – after all, she gets 3/4/6 months paid maternity and I only get 2/4 weeks paid, so…” and for male bosses to think their female employees won’t be around.

    May 8, 2017/Reply
    • Anne says:

      It shouldn’t be a “but”. “We MUST get maternity leave up for the working class and quality childcare costs down for the working class [and] policies that enable [partners] to take time and be equal…”. YES!!!

      “I’m not sure we professional women need more than what they already have” I’m not sure what your definitions are here, but I’m a “professional woman” (director level in higher ed) and neither I nor my peers receive 3/4/6 months paid maternity leave. I get 6 weeks paid and I”m told I’m lucky to have that (that also takes all my PTO, so I return to work with a 0 balance).

      Paid parental leave, better/more affordable access to health care, and subsidized childcare would benefit parents and society enormously.

      May 9, 2017/Reply
  6. Lisa says:

    Bought the Banana Republic bow blouse you featured! Can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m a little nervous because BR’s sizing has been all over the place lately. I still have a sad, sad button up from this winter in size S just hanging in my closet because it was built for a line backer. Hoping for better luck this time!

    May 9, 2017/Reply
  7. Casey J says:

    Did you watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Is that why you’ve been listening to Sam Cooke? I bought the soundtrack. So good

    May 9, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I did.

      May 9, 2017/Reply