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Product Review: Dr. Jart Rubber Mask

When you have acne, you will buy anything that claims to make it go away.  And I mean, anything.  Strange tasting waters.  Creams that burn and sting.  Tools that abrade, heat, or puncture.  You give me a promising before-and-after-photo, and I am there.  So when Dr. Jart started selling a rubber detoxifying mask that looked vaguely like it belonged in an Amsterdam sex shop, I bought one immediately.

Snip20170404_1The Dr. Jart Clear Skin Rubber Mask ($12) is actually two masks, in three steps.  The first mask is a smooth gel, which hydrates and shrinks pores.  Made of fruit extracts, tea tree oil, and shea butter, the gel is velvety smooth and makes your skin feel impossibly fresh.

Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much from this mask.  We, the acne sufferers, may be suckers for a smooth sales pitch, but we’re skeptical suckers who do not get our hopes up.  They’ve been dashed too many times.  But the moment I dipped my fingers into this gel, I thought, “Well, maybe there’s hope.”

The second part of the mask is the rubber sheet.  It comes in two parts, one covering the from the nose up, and the other from the nose down.  And I’m not going to lie, this thing was murder to apply.  It stuck together.  It could be easily stretched too thin.  I realized that the only way to apply it was to harness the power of gravity.  So, I, in the name of accurate blogging, lied down on my bathroom floor, and let the theorems of Sir Isaac Newton apply the mask for me.

Once the mask was applied, I realized that what gravity giveth, gravity can taketh away.  The weight of the rubber mask means that you need to lie down while you wear it.  So chained to my bed for 20-minutes, I decided to listen to a podcast.  When this moment of forced solitude ended, I removed the mask and was deeply impressed by the results.

My skin was smoother and brighter.  The patch of acne on my cheek was noticeably diminished and much less red.  My pores were also visibly smaller.  I immediately took out my cell phone, opened the Sephora website and ordered five more.

Dr. Jart also makes hydrating mask and a brightening one.  If they work half as well as the clearing mask, they’re worth a try. Now, if only I can find a way to buy them in bulk.



  1. Ari says:

    Ugh, adult acne is the worst. I kept thinking I’d grow out of it, but once my age got closer to 30 than to 20 I realized it was here to stay. I’m also prone to trying just about anything, so I’m glad to hear this crazy(creepy?) looking mask has promise. Have you tried Differin? I’ve just started using it again now that it is available OTC, and I’m liking the results so far.

    April 5, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Not in a few years, I’ve thought about going back now that it’s OTC. We’ll see.

      April 5, 2017/Reply
    • Isabel says:

      I had no idea Differin was OTC now. This made my day! I haven’t been able to make it to my derm for a refill due to her incredibly overbooked schedule (not to mention 2 hour wait times once there – I need a new doctor for sure) and my horrendous workload recently. My stressed out skin has been much worse in its absence.

      April 5, 2017/Reply
    • Nicole says:

      I started Differin a few weeks ago because I just can’t take the adult acne anymore. I will say, the purging is making me regret my decision, but I am trying to stick it out a few more weeks before I judge completely.

      April 8, 2017/Reply
  2. GAR says:

    This is a hilarious (and well written) review. Good post!

    April 5, 2017/Reply
  3. MS says:

    Was eagerly waiting for this review, so pumped to hear it worked!

    April 6, 2017/Reply
  4. shanghai says:

    Jolse.com is respected among Korean beauty lovers, and it offers the masks for about $9.30 compared to $12. Not a huge discount, but Jolse does offer some coupons, store loyalty points, and regular sales that might knock that down a bit more. Last time I ordered, I got my order in about 2.5 weeks (regular shipping). The nice thing about Jolse compared to other direct Korean retailers is that regular shipping is directly factored into the price–so no deceptively low price followed by astronomical shipping charges.


    April 6, 2017/Reply