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The Afternoon Post: March 17, 2017



1) Internships can increase your odds of landing a good job. (Motto)

2) This $9 eye brightening pencil will help you look more awake (how-to video).  It’s a must.

3) The Case Against the Grammar Scolds. (The Atlantic)

4) When you find a copy of this Style Mafia off-the-shoulder top on Amazon for $16.

5) He got a bad grade, so he got the constitution amended. Awesome. (Kut 90.5)

6) Best Dillard’s Arrivals: This pretty pink dress, this jacquard blouse, and this black-and-white wallet.

7) Why men don’t want the jobs mostly done by women. Oldie, but goodie. (NYTimes)

8) These BP. Lula sandals look like the perfect, comfortable heeled sandal for spring.

9) The Secret Plan for The Days After the Queen’s Death. (Guardian)

10) Love bold pendants?  I love this Alexis Bittar lucite look and the soft-green of this Argento Vivo.

11) Saudi Arabia launches a girls’ council, but without any girls. (BBC)

12) Loving Zella’s Pure Energy and Salutation sports bras. #backtothegym #yuck

13) Why it’s a good thing that large numbers of Americans are quitting their jobs. (Yahoo)


What I’m Lusting After. This sale-priced black Rebecca Taylor dress.

Too Little, Too Late? Glenn Beck is sorry for past vitriol. A sentiment he also shared with Samantha Bee.

What I’m Looking Forward To. A long weekend of NCAA basketball. Right after the MPRE on Saturday.

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  1. Christine says:

    Good luck on the MPRE! You’ve got this! I took the November one and it was harder than I expected, but I still passed comfortably and I know you will too.

    March 17, 2017/Reply
  2. Caitlin says:

    Hmmm. I have a really complicated relationship with my DC internship past. Did the experiences I gained in my two internships out of college lead to my job today? Yes, absolutely, in a surprisingly linear way. Is it unethical to not pay people despite the fact that they are working full time, 40 hours jobs? Yes… almost absolutely.

    The first think tank didn’t pay me beyond a monthly $100 Metro stipend, and the second nonprofit (kind of unusually) was able to eek out minimum wage for its 4 interns as stipulated in its program contract with the State Department. This technically put me better off than the Pathways [unpaid] internship program that the State Department runs…

    “DC” as a governmental and intellectual capital is carried on the backs of the underpaid. Having lived through it, I understand the value of internships, but… for goodness sake, just pay your workers, this shouldn’t be so hard.

    March 21, 2017/Reply