Fashion & Beauty Queries Vol. IV, No. Eight

Dear Belle,

Do you have a favorite loofah or body wash sponge? I switched from bar soap to body wash and need a loofah/sponge that won’t just fall apart & ideally can be put in the machine wash (in a mesh bag) once in a while. Would prefer cheaper options.
Thanks so much, Jen

In the shower, I have used a few products worth mentioning.  The first is the silicone Exfoliband.  The honeycomb shape exfoliates skin on the body or face, and the silicone prevents bacteria growth.  If you’re simply looking for a body wash delivery vehicle, I like the sponges from The Body Shop.  They create a rich lather and don’t scratch up the skin.  If you want to combine exfoliation and lather creation, try this Dove Men + Care Dual Sided Scrubber.

Hi Belle,

I know you’ve posted a lot about mascara in the past, so I have a question for you. I always seem to get it on my eyelids! I am not a child–I swear I put it on correctly–but it continues to happen even when I try different brands. Maybe my eyelids are especially huge (it doesn’t seem like they are), but do you think there’s a trick to avoid this problem?

Thanks! LA

The question is: Is it happening when you apply, or after?  If it’s happening when you apply, you can try two options.  First, you can apply it with a fan brush instead of with the wand.  This tutorial will show you how.  Second, you should look into a lash guard, which you should hold in place for a 30-seconds to give the mascara time to try.

If it’s happening after, you need to switch to a waterproof formula (my favorite).  You’re essentially sweating the makeup onto your lids.  If you like your current formula, apply some translucent powder (my favorite) just under your lashes with an eyeshadow brush.

Hi Belle,

Do you have a good recommendation for a micro roller that isn’t the GloPro?  That’s just more than I can spend on a beauty tool.  

Sincerely, Rach

Micro-rollers or derm-rollers are pretty easy to find.  I own the ORA micro-roller.  It’s inexpensive and works well.  However, with a micro-roller the key is the technique.  Byrdie will show you how.



  1. Susan says:

    Belle, Please forgive me if this isn’t the right place to post a question for Ask Belle.

    I need a silver cardigan ASAP. My sister just decided to get married three weeks from now. It’s not a formal wedding but I have a sheath to wear if I can find a cardigan. I would like the cardigan to be chanel-style and not beaded or with sequins. I’m thinking silver threads woven into cashmere? Thank you! P.S. Forget the bar. You are too talented a writer to be a boring lawyer!

    March 9, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Go to You can search for what you are looking for, and then you can pick exactly what you want.

      March 9, 2017/Reply
  2. Sof says:

    I have the same problem with mascara as questioner LA. After a while I just realized that I can’t get around it, so I go ahead and apply without worry and clean up afterward with a damp Q-tip. It takes like 12 seconds and lets me stop worrying about whether or not I’m going to make a mess (because, let’s face it, I just am).

    March 9, 2017/Reply
  3. LisaG says:

    I have a GREAT recommendation for a loofah/body sponge. Got it at of all places, Shobha (the waxing place that’s hot in NY and now has a location in DC). It’s made of hemp, and exfoliates in all the right ways. I throw it in the wash with the rest of the towels weekly, but it doesn’t go in the dryer, and lasts a year or better. I use it with Dove Body Wash and my skin has never felt smoother…..

    March 9, 2017/Reply
    • LS says:

      Haha I clicked here to comment on the exact same thing! I started using it when I wanted to stop using a plastic loofah, but was frustrated by how natural loofah’s fell apart so quickly. The hemp holds up really nicely.

      March 9, 2017/Reply
  4. TheLoop says:

    Do you use your micro-roller on the under-eye area?

    March 9, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      No. Never. Some people say it’s fine, I don’t agree.

      March 9, 2017/Reply
      • TheLoop says:

        Thanks. I saw that on Byrdie’s site and freaked out at the idea of those needles on my undereye skin!

        March 9, 2017/Reply
  5. Anna says:

    I use this cloth from Target: I like that it’s easy to fully rinse, I can hang it dry, and there aren’t any crevices where mold can grow. It exfoliates nicely too.

    March 9, 2017/Reply
  6. Kathleen Lisson says:

    Thank you so much! I’m just starting down the long path of derm interventions and needed that derm roller info.

    March 9, 2017/Reply
  7. RMR says:

    For body exfoliation, you must try the Korean exfoliating mitt. Soak your body in the tub or shower so your skin is very damp, then scrub body parts when not submerged. It’s amazing. No body wash etc.

    March 11, 2017/Reply