Workday Reading

The Morning Post: March 8, 2017



1) The expensive problem of the “Day Without a Woman.” (WaPost)

2) This $85 lantern-sleeve jacket from Topshop would be cute with a sleeveless dress.

3) Jane Fonda talks about feminism, speaking out, and her life. (Net-a-Porter)

4) Love spring color? Check out this ochre blouse, this blush dress, and this plus-size coral dress.

5) Steps you can take to help close the pay gap by the year 2020; yes, it’s possible. (Accenture)

6) These simple $35 Gap flats are too cute for words. So many colors.

7) How my friend Hitha got her book deal for her fabulous “first book,” How to Pack. (Hitha on the Go) 

8) I cannot wait for my GloPro MicroNeedling Regeneration tool to get here. Cannot.wait.

9) Sexist political commentary has found a new victim: Kellyanne Conway. (NYTimes)

10) This dreamy white lace dress has me wishing there wasn’t so much snow on the ground.


Want to Feel Old? Read this list of YouTube video stars (aka the new celebs) and tell me how many you’ve heard of.

What I’m Buying.  Fur Oil.  It’s apparently amazing for ingrown hairs.

What I’m Eating.  Totally addicted to Stroopwafels.  There should be a support group.

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  1. MS says:

    I was in Amsterdam this winter and the street markets have WARM stroopwafels that they make right there. I definitely needed a support group.

    Laughed out loud at the YouTube stars comment. I knew one (Jenna Marbles from one of her videos). Also, was surprised by how many were boys.

    March 8, 2017/Reply
  2. neenz says:

    PRO TIP: Rest a stroopwafel on top of a fresh cup of coffee and let it warm up. SO. DAMN. GOOD. Perfect syrupy gooeyness in the middle without a soggy waffle outside.

    March 8, 2017/Reply
    • ABVV says:

      THIS. I grew up in a town founded by Dutch settlers (google Pella, Iowa and you’ll see), and I continually mourn the lack of stroopwafels and poffertjes in my life since moving to East Coast. The Daelmans are pretty good, but a few of the other imported brands don’t get the syrup filling consistency right.

      March 8, 2017/Reply
  3. Cait says:

    I’ve never had stroopwafels, but these posts are making me want to order a whole case!
    On a different subject, this is the third time this morning I’ve seen something about Fur Oil go by. I agree, it sounds great, but why the sudden hype?

    March 8, 2017/Reply
  4. Valentina Moriana says:

    Love waffles! <3 Be sure to check out our Aliexpress Fashion Review website; Reviews, Best finds and unlimited inspiration!

    March 8, 2017/Reply
  5. Erica says:

    Super into the lantern sleeve trend at the moment. Does everyone think the Toyshop Ruffle Crop jacket is an okay substitution for a traditional blazer at work? (Building up my wardrobe for a summer associate job in big law this summer and trying to stay appropriate, but still, me)

    March 8, 2017/Reply
    • Former Big Law Lawyer says:

      There isn’t any way in the world I would suggest wearing this jacket as a SA. Your goal as an SA is to get a job and find out if the firm is a place you’d want to work. As the most junior person in the office, you don’t get the luxury of being cute. You need to look like you can walk into court, a deposition, or a client meeting immediately. This jacket conveys trendy, not young lawyer-y.

      March 8, 2017/Reply
    • Crystal says:

      I work in DC Big Law and think the blazer would probably be fine, *but* it’s very dependent on your office’s (and practice group’s) culture and expectations.

      March 8, 2017/Reply
      • Team Business Casual says:

        Another big law associate who thinks this is probably fine, depending on your particular firm/ practice group culture. In addition to the formality of the office, pay attention to the trendiness, which seems to vary widely.

        I’m pretty junior, so take this with a grain of salt, but I also don’t necessarily think a summer should look like they’re ready for court etc. at any moment. Although as a summer you should always err on the side of being overdressed, I think it can show a lack of awareness when a junior person is consistently overdressed. At my firm, everyone’s expected to keep a suit in the office so they’re ready for an unexpected meeting/court, but I think it would be noticed (in a bad way) if a summer wore a suit everyday.

        March 8, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      If you want to try it, wear it on a Friday. It depends on the firm. The offices I worked in, it would be fine, but not for court.

      March 8, 2017/Reply
    • Erica says:

      Thank you all for your feedback! I appreciate it.

      March 8, 2017/Reply
  6. Lauren Lewow says:

    Thought I’d share Tory Burch’s great campaign in honor of National Women’s Day

    March 8, 2017/Reply
    • Crystal says:

      Whoops! Sorry, Lauren. Belle, we might need a button to delete inadvertent posts! 🙂

      March 8, 2017/Reply
  7. TheLoop says:

    I have been using a $10 microneedling (0.25mm) tool and liking it but doing it any more than once a week (GloPro recommends 2-3 times) is overkill and can agitate your skin too much, especially if you are using a battery powered tool. You have to be careful after needling and “seal” your skin with the right products otherwise you have literally just opened the door for dirt, bacteria and other bad stuff to settle into your skin.

    March 8, 2017/Reply