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The Dispatch: January 17, 2017



1. What being a morning person or a night owl says about you. (Levo)

2. For bargain shoes, I hit Macy’s.  These Callisto suede kitten heels are $31, and these INC lace up pumps are $69.

3. Why salary negotiations are more successful when you don’t feel pressure to negotiate. (Fast Company)

4. I would totally wear this bright orange drop-waist AT skirt with a dark navy blouse.  Bold.

5. Don’t have a standing desk? Burn fat and feel more alert by standing up for frequent short bursts. (Real Simple)

6. This discounted Sandro blazer in berry is a great deal.  This peplum Rebecca Taylor is also worth a look.

7. 10 Real Reasons You Don’t Have to Be Afraid to Change Careers. (Refinery29)

8. These red Kate Spade flats have just the right amount of whimsy, and are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

9. Couples share the one argument they have over and over again (like, (Broadly)

10. This Kate Pave Coil Ring is the perfect dupe for the gorgeous Anita Ko ring I have been lusting after.

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  1. Yael @ Nosherium says:

    I also like this Judith Jack coil/wrap ring. It’s quite a bit smaller than the Nadri one, but I like that it is gold-plated sterling. I have developed a nickel allergy to all my old costume jewelry has to go.

    January 17, 2017/Reply
  2. M says:

    The couples arguments were interesting, but also seemed like a lot of genuinely dysfunctional couples — disagreeing over vaccinating your kids or keeping your own name was a bit heavier than I expected from the article title…

    January 17, 2017/Reply
    • Keilexandra says:

      Exactly what I thought! I complain about the fact that my partner doesn’t cash checks or pay dentist bills for months at a time, but many of the article’s disagreements would be serious red flags and/or dealbreakers for me.

      January 17, 2017/Reply
    • Kay says:

      Umm yeah…! I might be particularly sensitive to this right now having just gotten out of a long-term relationship where we loved each other very much but had some of these long-term disagreements (how/when it’s appropriate to spend vs save money, how to spend time). But jeeze even the stuff we disagreed on pales in comparison to having to vaccinate your children behind your partner’s back!

      January 18, 2017/Reply
    • Lindsay says:

      Agreed – my recurring argument is about how to fold the towels (which also carries the larger question of “does everything have to be my way and how do we make space for us to do things in our own unique way without compromising the other’s approach to it? In what situations does it not matter that the other person do things exactly how the other likes it?”)

      January 18, 2017/Reply