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The Dispatch: January 9, 2016



1. How a teenage girl died in jail after having a fight with her mother.  The dark side of VAWA. (Jezebel)

2. Maybe I’ll treat myself to this IRO boucle jacket?  Or maybe, I’ll just repeatedly add it to my cart and abandon it.

3. Not a Trophy Wife: How does it feel to earn significantly less than your significant other? (Refinery29)

4. The Outnet is having a serious sale on Iris & Ink. I picked up this $90 crepe dress and this $70 midi skirt.

5. Is there a workplace bias against overweight workers?  And is it legal? (Above the Law)

6. This Alexander McQueen business card holder is pure fire.  For something under-$25, this Kate Spade case is a good choice.  I also like this bright orange Skagen model.

7. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s D.C. move is deadly serious. (Washingtonian)

8. Good sweaters at BR, right now.  Love the soft-pink bell sleeve, and this menswear-inspired cardi is a must.

9. How a male style writer re-evaluated his priorities became a fashion minimalist. (GQ)

10. Need a set of travel makeup brushes?  Look no further than this 40%-off set from MAC.

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  1. Jess says:

    I sort of feel like the money thing is so overplayed. My husband makes $100,000. I make nothing- because I stay at home with our kids. Someone has to earn less, so why does it appear to bother us so much? My kids have said before “well technically it’s dads money”, my husband puts the kabosh on that so fast the kids don’t even know what hit them. It has never bothered me that I haven’t contributed financially to our marriage.

    January 9, 2017/Reply