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The Workday Ten: November 28, 2016



1) The LinkedIn etiquette rules you should be following. (The Everygirl)

2) Nordstrom Cyber Monday: A $39 faux-leather weekender, the perfect black work pumps from Coach for $79, and Joe’s dark bootcut jeans, also $79.

3) Amal Clooney urges women to perform ‘Everyday Acts of Feminism.’ (The Cut)

4) This draped, silk-chiffon blouse from 3.1 Phillip Lim is on sale, and destined to become a beloved classic.

5) The Power of Altruism: A message for the holiday season.  (The New York Times)

6) This Alpha Pendant from Baublebar is a modern way to wear your monogram.  I also love the cool look of this Pyramid-Spike Y Chain.

7) How to tell your boss that you’re pregnant, tips for ladies in both entry-level and management. (The Muse)

8) 60-percent-off everything at J.Crew Factory (the only ‘Crew’ worth the money).  I picked up this cotton-wool crewneck sweater, and this $95 forest green wool topcoat.

9) What one writer learned about packing, after traveling 100k miles per year. (Refinery29)

10) Need the perfect holiday lights? I am obsessed with these capiz lights from Anthro.

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  1. Jacquie T. says:

    I thought the article on how to tell your boss you’re pregnant was well written and the such, but it is just so frustrating that women have to be concerned about how their bosses are going to react to what is truly a wonderful and very personal life event. It concerns me that with women assuming a historical role in the American workforce (from the blue collar to the white collar realm), American culture and policy aren’t adjusting to these new realities.

    November 28, 2016/Reply
    • Belle says:

      That is concerning, but I think any time you’re telling your boss you’re going to be on leave, whether it’s FMLA or maternity or vacation, can be a bit stressful.

      November 28, 2016/Reply
  2. Denise says:

    I appreciate the maternity leave article and generally agree that a positive attitude helps everything. I have delivered the news twice to 2 different bosses, both men, and I started the conversations with the phrase ‘I have some great news to share’. For anyone going into this conversation, a few things I’d note:
    (1) You really don’t want to say anything before 12 weeks. So much can happen, then it is just soooo awkward. Just avoid it. I was intensely sick with my second child but I still didn’t say anything, and quite frankly I don’t know or care who might have deduced it….which leads me to
    (2) If people are paying attention, they will figure it out. My stomach didn’t give me away at all either time. The first time my manager noticed that I was not running, which is something I always did every night when we traveled together. I figured he figured it out because I was green every morning for 6 weeks but no…it was the running. Bottom line, don’t stress too much or go out of your way to hide it.
    (3) If you boss or anyone on your team reacts poorly to your news, don’t engage in the negative talk and by all means do NOT apologize. Simply come back with ‘we are a great team here and I’m confident we will find a way to make all of this work’, or something similar. Don’t ever apologize for having a baby. It’s a good thing. Be sure that men are not out there apologizing for their procreation decisions!

    One thing I never did was talk about how much I was looking forward to coming back to work post leave. Honestly, as a manager if someone told me that I’d give her the serious side-eye. I enjoy my job and my employees, but the first year after you have a baby really feels crazy. Anyone who has ever pumped in an airport bathroom will tell you, this is tough work!

    November 28, 2016/Reply
  3. Lauren Lewow says:

    I need help with holiday accessories! Can you do a heel and clutch paring post? I think I may go with this dress for some parties – it’s knee length on me… %26pn%3D1|1|2|32

    November 28, 2016/Reply