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The Workday Reading: July 6, 2016



1) The Goldilocks Rule: How to Stay Motivated in Life and Business. (James Clear)

2) For work blouses, don’t miss this Halogen split neck blouse or this vine-printed long sleeve blouse from LOFT.  Both are under-$100. Plus-size?  Try this Apt. 9 popover blouse with a ruffle neck.

3) When you e-mail ‘Ask a Manager’ expecting sympathy and advice, but get a well-deserved tongue lashing. (Ask a Manager)

4) Looking for an on-trend work shoe?  I like this Liah slingback with a black toe cap and block heel.  These pale purple Tavyn lace-up flats are cool too.

5) Two great articles: Why women are better at negotiating than they think they are, and how to stop explaining yourself and get everything you want. (Marie Claire)

6) Reiss is having a big-time sale.  I picked up this Tilly top with a lace yoke and this coordinating floral pencil skirt.

7) Why small talk if so excruciating, even if you love talking to people. (Vox)

8) Need Supply Co. has great dresses for work or play.  This D-Ring Dress is perfect for a semi-casual day.  And this Collins dress kills it for day to night.

9) The best time of day to do anything, from working out to taking a meeting. (MSN)

10) Stella & Dot’s new Versatility line offers necklaces that transform into more looks.  I love their blue tassel necklace (3-in-1) and their layered chain statement necklace (5-in-1).

11) Why the culture of doctoral programs is causing so many students to leave without finishing. (The Atlantic)

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  1. SL says:

    I’m glad you linked to that AAM post but I’m not going to lie, reading the comments there has become a chore in the last few weeks because of the influx of new readers and commenters who don’t get that they can’t treat AAM comment sections like they would a Yahoo News article…

    July 7, 2016/Reply